2020 is already off to an incredible start – the team at Blackwood Creative is growing! We are so very excited to welcome Ryan Zerfas to the team as our VP of Customer Success.

Hailing from Granger, Indiana, Ryan is excited to take on this sales position and continue learning. We had the chance to sit down and get to know him and find how he feels during his transition into his new position.

What drew you to Blackwood?

When Ryan started looking around at different sales jobs, he found that many of them were impersonal. However, that isn’t where his passion was leading him. “I love a people-oriented environment,” he said, “and I love the idea of working with a team of people and getting to discover their passions and what they’re good at. At Blackwood, I’ll essentially be working together with a team of people and taking what they bring to the table to each client, showing that off, and inviting them to work alongside our team.”  

What part of being on the Blackwood team are you most excited about?

“I’m excited about the idea of being a part of a young, creative team that’s growing. Companies tend to do what they do well, and stay stagnant. While that’s great, it’s not as exciting as being with a team that is actively going somewhere. I recognize that Blackwood is going somewhere, and I want to be a part of it – not just for personal gain, but for the experience of growing together.”

What character from “The Office” are you most similar to, and why?

“Probably Michael Scott. I’ve never really associated with anyone else on a personal level. I do have a few who I’d never want to be like. Like Ryan.”

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

“I love games of any kind, because I love being around people and games are a great way to gather people together and have fun. We have over 200 board games at our house, and I love bowling, disc golf, and video games. I also love hanging out with my wife, Emma, and our daughter, Ona. Of course, I also do all the other things people do that aren’t remarkable, like going on walks and watching Netflix.”

The whole team at Blackwood Creative is very excited to welcome Ryan Zerfas, and he is pumped to meet and start working with our clients! We look forward to seeing what Ryan is able to bring to the table and watch him grow with us.

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