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When Stephanie found out that her autoimmune disease meant she had to remove grains from her diet, she knew she had to find a way to still enjoy her favorite treat, the cupcake. So, she dug around, searched, and tested paleo cupcake recipes. She finally landed on 3 unique recipes that are good and good for her. After a surprising initial demand, she decided to start Gracie Lou, a paleo cupcake business.

Fresh Business + Ingredients Cards

Gracie Lou was in need of some unique business cards as well as fun ingredients cards to give with each order. We designed the cards to have the same playful feel as the logo. We gave them rounded corners for added uniqueness. Each of the three flavors has a different color from the logo. Of course we printed the cards at Zipp Printing.

A new website for a new business

Every business needs a website, even if that business is tiny and run by a stay-at-home mom.

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