When it comes to improving your marketing strategy, it’s normal to want to add or change things about what you’re currently doing. In fact, it’s a great idea to change your strategy with the times! One thing that’s risen in popularity over the last several years is the use of emojis.

As such, many brands have begun using emojis as part of their marketing efforts online. This has brought great results for those brands, but it may not work every business. Here’s everything you need to know about putting emojis in your marketing strategy.

What does it mean to use emojis in marketing?

In most cases, brands have started to use emojis in their social media posts and captions. Essentially, their goal is to convey a certain emotion with each post that will cause their audience to either trust the brand or purchase a product. They’re also just eye-catching – they break up the typical black and white text on social media with a pop of color.

However, the most important thing to consider before utilizing emojis in your branding is whether or not each one aligns with what your business is about. For example, a law firm would likely be more apt to use the briefcase emoji ( ????) than the vampire emoji ( ????????‍♀️). Unless they have a vampire client, this emoji wouldn’t really fit with their business. 

How do you incorporate them into your online marketing?

The two most popular places to incorporate emojis into your marketing are emails and social media. According to Campaign Monitor, 56% of emails with emojis in the subject lines had a higher open rate. Emojis attract attention! Additionally, according to World Emoji Day, over half of the comments on Instagram contained an emoji. 

Since there are so many emojis illustrating so many different emotions and objects, it would make so much sense to use them in your online marketing! The easiest way to incorporate them would be at the end of a phrase or sentence. Let’s look at an example:

No emojis: Winter is right around the corner – make sure you have a high-quality jacket!
One emoji: Winter is right around the corner – make sure you have a high-quality jacket! ????
Two emojis: Winter is right around the corner ❄️ – make sure you have a high-quality jacket! ????

The first one without emojis would likely fit best within a blog post (like this one!) since it may be surrounded by other sentences. However, the second and third sentences may work beautifully as either email subject lines or social media captions! Emojis draw the eye to the words around them, which has proven to be an effective technique for grabbing your audience’s attention.

Why would you want emojis associated with your brand?

There are several different reasons why emojis can improve your brand awareness. The main benefit would be relevance. Since these little animations have become such a big part of society, it’s reasonable to assume that using them will help maintain relevance across the internet. Additionally, they’re so fun to use! Having one or two in your captions will not only be eye-catching but also will convey a sense of fun and playfulness in your marketing efforts. 

Whether or not you choose to use emojis in your online marketing is ultimately up to you; however, we hope you’ll try incorporating them and see the results! If you’re not completely confident in your current marketing strategy but aren’t sure how to change it, don’t worry. Reach out to us here at Blackwood Creative. We’re experts when it comes to online marketing and brand awareness. Let’s work together to create something beautiful.

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