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Web Design

Our focus is on creating websites that compel action. We think mobile-first and customer first.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is a part of everything. We specialize in branding and marketing design.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing looks a little bit like maintaining your blog and using that to create content for your social accounts. Trust us, it works.

Snapchat Circa 2019

We are going to cover two main things in this post: Is Snapchat still relevant?If so, should your business be utilizing it for marketing purposes? Spoiler alert: If we didn’t think Snapchat was relevant, we wouldn’t have bothered to write up this post. But the answers...

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Content is King

In a successful marketing castle, content is the reigning king.  It’s called Content Marketing, and it’s something you need to implement immediately. Read on as I convince you why. What Is Content Marketing? First, what exactly is contact marketing? Content Marketing...

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Who Cares About Your Logo

How valuable is a solid logo for you company, really? Take a trip around the world and you’ll know exactly where the McDonald’s is no matter what the native language. Walk through a sporting goods store and you’ll know immediately which shoes belong to Nike and which...

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Marketing should be beautiful.

At Blackwood Creative, we’re convinced that marketing should be beautiful. We think that when users of a website have an enjoyable experience and find that nebulous “wow” moment, they will be compelled to purchase, subscribe, join, or whatever you want them to. Not because you’re the cheapest in town, but because they simply want to do business with you. From websites to logos to business cards, let’s design something beautiful.

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