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Web Design

Our focus is on creating websites that compel action. We think mobile-first and customer first.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is a part of everything. We specialize in branding and marketing design.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing looks a little bit like maintaining your blog and using that to create content for your social accounts. Trust us, it works.

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Colors Have Feelings, Too

As a human, you’ve probably experienced color-induced emotion. Certain colors make you feel certain things and have probably even impacted your decision making. In the world of marketing and branding, understanding the impact of color is essential. But is it as simple...

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Marketing 101: Tips for Newbies

Marketing has been around for... ever. You’ve had all sorts of experience with being the target of marketing. But you’re brand spankin’ new to the other side of the vast, complicated, terrifying world of marketing. Okay, it’s really not that scary. To prove it to you,...

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How to Win at Social Media Marketing

Social media has been around for awhile now but it’s only been growing in strength over the years. Just a few short years ago, your social media marketing strategy probably didn’t exist, and you got along just fine without it. But if you’re still haphazardly tossing...

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Marketing should be beautiful.

At Blackwood Creative, we’re convinced that marketing should be beautiful. We think that when users of a website have an enjoyable experience and find that nebulous “wow” moment, they will be compelled to purchase, subscribe, join, or whatever you want them to. Not because you’re the cheapest in town, but because they simply want to do business with you. From websites to logos to business cards, let’s design something beautiful.

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