Wave Express

RV Transporter | Complete Brand Package

The Challenge

Wave was recently purchased by a friend of ours and we were tasked with rebuilding the brand. The company had suffered some legal issues and required a new look and feel to help set the course for future success. The company’s brand equity was low and growth with stagnate. 

The Solution

The solution to this was pretty obvious after just a short conversation. We needed to work with Wave to build a brand that was fresh, easily recognizable, and timeless. A new logo, quality printed materials, and of course, a killer website.

Complete Brand Integration Through Print

When we designed the logo, we took elements an incorporated them throughout the printed materials. 

Wave recently attended RVX, an industry trade show. They made a splash with a well branded booth that we designed and Zipp Printing printed. 

We covered everything from apparel and banners, to pens and business cards. We were blessed to spend a couple days in Utah with them to setup and put a plan together for the show. 


A compelling new website


Wave transports RVs by hiring independant contractors to deliver them to dealers all over the country. Like many trucking companies, they’re constantly looking for more drivers. Our job is to help them find more of teh right people to driver with them. So, we utilize a variety of marketing platforms to attract potential drivers. One of the main sources we use is Facebook. We put together an ad set that is target the common demographic found in Wave’s driverbase along with other trucking companies. Here’s what we did. 

  1. Create a handful of Facebook ads
  2. Direct those ads to Facebook Messanger
  3. Build a Facebook Messanger Automation tool to guide the user through a short questionaire
  4. Direct the user to the proper page on the Wave website, or to the appropriate next step

We’ve seen thousands of messages roll in using this program and many end up filling out an application online. This ad process helps answer questions for applicants, while saving time for Wave. It’s a win-win. 

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