Wave Express

RV Transporter | Complete Brand Package

The Challenge

The team at Wave Express found themselves feeling stagnant after several years under new management; business was going okay, but it was clear that it was time for them to grow and change with the times to push their way back into the market. 

The Solution

What they needed was a rebrand! With a fresh, modern look, they are now able to show that they are moving with the times. We gave them a fresh new color palette, crisp new logo, and a stunning new look to their website, printed marketing materials, and many other facets of their branding.

Original Logo

Fresh New Logo

indiana web design blackwood creative

To go along with their fresh new logo, we created custom email signatures for the whole staff to help complete the rebrand.

indiana web design blackwood creative

Additionally, we built a branded stationery set for all official communications. 

indiana web design blackwood creative

One of the most important things to keep on hand is business cards, so we made sure everyone on the Wave Express team had updated ones to hand out!

indiana web design blackwood creative

Talk about changing with the times – we created a custom virtual background for the new Wave of virtual meetings! (see what we did there?)

We also gave a physical backdrop to those working from their offices to display. This allows for a little more professionalism when meeting screen-to-screen.

Because we work closely with our sister company Zipp Printing, we also specialize in print design. Here is a feather banner we designed and had printed for Wave. This is perfect to have by roads and streets to show quick information.

Design goes beyond the screen. Having a team that knows the difference between a design that will be seen on a screen or printed is crucial. 

indiana web design blackwood creative
indiana web design blackwood creative

On top of the other digital and print designs we did for Wave Express, we created a stunning and efficient email campign for them as well!

indiana web design blackwood creative

Finally, we designed a new, responsive, easy-to-navigate website from scratch with all the functional elements a company of this size requires.

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