Allied Physicians of Michiana

Healthcare Provider | Content Marketing

The Challenge

Before working with our team, Allied Physicians of Michiana struggled with creating a captivating social media presence. Their main focus for marketing is SEO, and social media plays a big role in that. They also wanted to provide free information for people to research as well as increase brand awareness through organic content.


The Solution

We created and managed social media accounts for many different specializations within Allied Physicians of Michiana. Our team created Instagram and Facebook pages for each practice to share valuable, high-quality content, while blogs we wrote for their websites offered great information to people doing research on procedures or illnesses. 

Allied Physicians of Michiana have multiple social media accounts across multiple platforms, and our team at Blackwood handles it all! From social posts to informative blogs, we work with them to make sure their content is unique and specifically tailored to their audiences.

You guys are the best to work with. I mean the BEST!

Jacque Stahl

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

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