Engineering Search Group

Engineer-Focused Staffing Agency | Rebrand

The Challenge

When Specialized Staffing, the mother company, branched out to focus more specifically on engineers, they found themselves wondering how they could clearly separate their companies while still maintaining a close connection. They wanted to rebrand and set themselves apart from their competition.

The Solution

We conducted extensive research into the industry to find colors and icons that would fit in with the general feel of the industry but stand out enough to attract new customers. When the right assets were located, we put together clean shapes and a clear message to set them apart from their competitors.

ESG Rebrand Before

Original Logo

ESG Rebrand After

Fresh New Logo

ESG Rebrand

Once our research led us to some color and icon choices, we presented our findings to the client and gave them creative choice over their primary and secondary colors as well as the imagery that would appear in their logo.

ESG Rack Card Rebrand

In addition to more specific designs, we created the ones that would be used on a day-to-day basis. We designed high-quality custom rack cards that are not only on-brand but communicate their message clearly.

ESG Business Card Rebrand

Additionally, we designed personal business cards for each employee.

ESG PPT Rebrand

Because branding often appears where you least expect it, we also created a custom PowerPoint template for our client!

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