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Zipp Printing is a small format print shop in Mishawaka, IN, that’s been around for over three decades. The company continues to grow its solid reputation in the local community. Zipp prints everything we design from business cards and rack cards, to shirts and hats. With the most recent change in ownership, we rebuilt an entire brand identity for them including  logo, business cards, rack cards, website, digital ads, and social media. We chose straight Cyan as their primary color because it is a core printing color, it’s bright and friendly, and it signifies strength and trust.

Zipp Printing Logo
Zipp Printing Business Cards

Fresh Business Cards

Business cards are simply elemental to networking and helping grow your business. These cards were designed with simplicity in mind. The Cyan front was meant to draw attention and the clean white back allows the eye to focus on the logo. We also designed some quick rack cards so Zipp can show what they offer in a simple way.

A modern responsive website

The old Zipp website checked all the boxes of what not to do. With scrolling text, Flash, and not mobile-friendly, the Zipp website was in desperate need of a makeover. And, since we had a new logo and color scheme for Zipp, we had no choice but to start from scratch. We built a beautiful, clean site with a video header, a blog, and mobile and SEO friendly. The new Zipp site is solid and ready to go for years to come (of course with some updating along the way). >

We might be a little biased, but we think you should print everything you need through Zipp. They offer competitive pricing, but more importantly, the quality and service are there to make your printing experience great. Everything we design for print goes to Zipp from business cards to shirts.