When you’re running a business, it’s likely you’re going to be planning or attending an event with your audience or clients. However, it can be difficult to get people to attend without the right tactics. Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to reach your audience quickly. But how do you make sure you’re doing it right? Here are 3 ways to advertise your event on social media – and actually make people come.

1. Instagram Invites

Instagram is trying out yet another feature for Stories: Instagram Invites! With this new sticker, you’ll be able to add the location, date, time, and title of your event. Then, directly from the sticker, people will be able to RSVP for your event. 

This is very convenient – it takes out the hassle of keeping track of who is and isn’t going to your event. Additionally, since Instagram Stories have proven to be an effective tool for marketing, it’s a great way to spread awareness of your event to more people than you may have in another way. 

2. Facebook Events

Facebook Events are a tried and true way to make people aware of any event you’re hosting. Through the Facebook app, whether you have a personal or business page, you’re able to input all the details of your event. Then, you can send an invitation directly to people through Facebook Messenger. 

Contrary to Instagram Invites, Facebook Events are a more personal way to extend an invitation. Similarly, however, you’re able to see who is and isn’t coming. Again, this takes out the tedious note-keeping regarding who is or who isn’t coming. You’re also able to make your event public or private, depending on how many people you want to attend.

3. Facebook Messenger API

By far the most direct and personal way to get people to come to your event is to program a Facebook Messenger API. Using this technique, you are able to send an invitation directly to someone’s Facebook Messenger. Additionally, depending on the way you program it, you’ll be able to reach new visitors to your page in the days before your event.

Admittedly, this is the most complicated of these three methods. It takes practice and attention to create a successful Messenger API, and it could be a little bit of a challenge. However, it’s very effective in reaching people, so it’s worth learning to use this feature.

Whether you’re planning an event now or in the future, social media is an amazing way to spread the word and have people attend. We hope these three suggestions will help you advertise your event in a different way!

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