It is safe to say that we all have probably noticed a difference in the way we use social media over the past year. From a community standpoint, being stuck inside has made us rely more on technology and social media to connect with others. On top of that, to continue to support our favorite businesses, we also had to transition to online ordering and communication. All of these factors combined changed our daily routines and the way we interact with one another.

As we move closer to a new normal and a “full-capacity” world is in sight, we have to acknowledge that many things have changed for good in social media post-pandemic. People don’t want more of the old, they want more of the new. More authentic content, better services, and more content. 


Over the past year, there has been a rise in an emphasis on authenticity in the social media world. Being pent-up inside meant that social media was a new form of communication for the world. Also, it meant no more cool photos of travel, beach days, or shopping. People had to make content from home and get more creative with what they were producing. On many social platforms, this meant being more authentic than ever because there simply wasn’t much to film.

Because everyone was stuck at home and feelings of uncertainty were more common, there was also a shift in what most audiences wanted to see. During the pandemic, people didn’t want to see pictures and posts about the things they couldn’t do anymore. People didn’t want to see seemingly perfect people doing expensive things on their feeds. They wanted content that related to them and their situation. They wanted content that talked about how others were going through the same things they were. As we move forward, this new, authentic way of connecting with customers will likely stick around for a long long time.

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Moving everything online has changed the way we do business. Before the pandemic, some businesses hadn’t yet transitioned online. During the pandemic, that simply didn’t cut it. If your business was going to survive, you had to be accessible to customers online in various ways.

As vaccines get administered and things slowly go back to normal, people aren’t going to stop wanting online ordering or any of the other new luxuries they got used to doing the pandemic. It might be hard, but moving into this new season, your business has to be completely open in-person AND fully online now. It’s going to be harder and it might even require more staff and more spend. The truth of the matter is, if you want to grow back with the opening economy, you need to be offering everything you previously offered AND more.


The more people at home, the more people were regularly checking their social media. Because of this, a lot more content needed to go out to the audiences. Not only is more content required, but better content is required. Following the idea of more authenticity on social media, content needs to be better in many ways. It should be meaningful, educational, and transparent. More informational content that is geared towards educating and inspiring users. More meaningful content focuses on knowing how to connect with your audience in ways that are meaningful to them. Lastly, transparency follows authenticity. Being yourself on socials and allowing a true and honest view into how life really is for you or your business creates transparency and ultimately builds trust between you and your audience.
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3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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