Many brands and businesses have their own blogs – you’re reading one right now! Typically, businesses turn to blogging to share things about their industry or company that they wish other people new. Often, this includes trends or procedures which are specific to the company or field in which they do their work. But to the readers, it seems like there’s an endless supply of content coming from those blogs. Realistically, blog writers may be scrambling to come up with the next topic. So, how do you overcome the writer’s block and brainstorm your blog posts?

1. Think of topics that interest or impact you.

One of the cardinal rules of writing is to write for yourself. What are you interested in reading? Write about it! Is there something specific you enjoy that you wish someone else knew about? Write about it! Did you recently encounter something interesting? Write about it!

Blogs are the intersecting point between people’s interests and preexisting knowledge. They may know something about photo editing, but maybe haven’t heard about apps you’ve discovered recently. Allow people to benefit from your knowledge!

2. Write a blog about something your business has implemented.

New apps are coming out every day, and businesses are implementing them left and right. If your business has found a new app you love, definitely include it in a blog. Your business may not frequently write blogs specifically about apps. However, if you talk about the circumstances in which you use the app, you’ll have a super interesting post that people will learn a lot from!

Often, your audience will want to know more about the way your business operates day-to-day. When you write a blog, your clients learn something about your business. Give them an insider’s view on what you’re up to!

3. The best blog writers read other people’s blogs. 

A great way to get ideas and learn more about different concepts is to read other blogs. Seems simple, right? It is! Content creation has become a huge part of marketing, and it’s a part worth taking advantage of. You can learn so much from other people’s perspectives of current issues, tactics, technologies, and everything else under the sun. 

Anytime you get stuck looking for a blog idea, more often than not, the answer to what to write about is right in front of you. You just have to look!

However, if you’re not feeling confident about your blog brainstorming, no worries. Reach out to us here at Blackwood Creative. We’re the expert at growing your business through content creation – social media, blogs, and everything else. Let’s work together and create something beautiful. 

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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