Smart companies create client avatars to know exactly how best to reach prospective customers. But what do you do when your product or service casts a wide net instead of a small one? How do address the problem of reaching an audience with vast and often opposing preferences?

The answer: strategize your media formats to maximize saturation, in the way that the audience wants to hear it. Let’s dig in to how to achieve this.


Engage more effectively: Different media formats can be more effective at engaging different types of people. It’s no surprise that people have different strengths when it comes to learning and retaining information, so creating content that targets that reality – long and short form videos, blog posts for email marketing and short posts for social – is the key to capturing the varied and limited attention span of your ideal client. By using a mix of media formats, you can better engage a broader audience.

Keep things interesting: Using the same format all the time can get boring for your audience. Mix it up! For example, you might not be sold on long form video (5-10 minutes) but if you create really thoughtful, interesting and compelling content, you may be surprised by the audience engagement! Don’t be afraid to try things you haven’t done before – all forms of media can work for all industries.


Enhance understanding: Different media formats can help to explain and illustrate different concepts in different ways. For example, a video can show a product in action and give a realistic example of texture, size, even probable weight, while an infographic can break down complex information in a more visual and easy-to-digest way with graphs and numbers. By using a variety of media formats, you can help to ensure that your message is understood by as many people as possible.

Increase conversions: ROI, it’s on the tip of every manager’s tongue. What’s the return on investment in different media types? Though it can be hard to track, by contributing different styles to different channels, you maximize your brand saturation in different and memorable ways, and increase the chances of converting them into customers. For example, someone who prefers to read might be more likely to convert after reading a well-written blog post, while someone who prefers to watch might be more likely to convert after watching a product video. Good marketing is cumulative!

Overall, using a variety of media formats in your marketing efforts will help you reach a wider audience, engage more effectively, keep things interesting, enhance understanding, and increase conversions. It is absolutely worth considering incorporating a mix of media formats into your marketing strategy.

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