With the rise of social media over the last several years, advertising has taken on a whole new look. When was the last time you saw a TV commercial for a product and immediately bought it? Chances are, you search Google for customer reviews or check Amazon for a cheaper price before even considering the project – if you saw it on TV first, that is. Products are being advertised on every social media platform nowadays. So, is the old school style of marketing even still relevant?

The biggest difference lies in ad targeting.

TV commercials can almost be compared to a “hail Mary” – they’re broadcast to a wide range of people across different locations in hopes that many of them will see the ad and respond to it. While certain TV channels appeal to specific demographics, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who the audience will be for a particular commercial. 

On the other hand, social media advertisements are much easier to tailor to a target audience. By paying attention to analytics, businesses are able to post content that appeals to the people who most frequently visit their pages. When advertisements are specifically targeted, businesses tend to thrive more because their demographic is paying more attention to them.

Transparency has recently become way more important in marketing.

Commercials sometimes rely on persuasion and the audience’s blind trust to sell their products. In today’s market, that can be difficult to survive off of. Brands who are open and honest about their processes (i.e. cruelty free cosmetic products or things of the like), are more likely to have customers who feel comfortable purchasing from them. 

Through social media, consumers are able to get a more personal insight into the brands they choose to support. This can be difficult to communicate through a TV or radio commercial; it’s easier to show company morals through direct interaction with their audience rather than just through a TV screen.

There’s a major difference in cost.

Let’s get real: have you seen the prices for Super Bowl commercials? The average is $5.1-5.3 million for a 30-second ad. Realistically, that’s not what a company is spending on any given day for a commercial. However, the overall message is that commercials can be crazy expensive. For larger, more established companies, the cost for a commercial could be pocket change; until you’re at that level, though, it’s quite a cost commitment.

Social media advertising still tends to be a pay-to-play game, but you can get a lot more audience engagement for a far smaller budget. Additionally, with the demographics across each platform, you have the opportunity to advertise to people both within and outside your target audience with ease. With the cost and reach in mind, you can certainly get more bang for your buck when advertising on social media.

So, what’s the takeaway?

At the end of the day, the relevance of old-school electronic marketing is subjective to each business. Well-established companies can often benefit from a mixture of both; smaller businesses may benefit more from just social media marketing due to available resources. Which one is more relevant to you?

If you’re leaning towards social media advertising for your brand but are unsure how to start, we’re here for you. Hire Blackwood Creative to assist with growing your brand on social media.

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