You’ve decided on an awesome color scheme for your brand, and you’re ready to add it to all your products. However, when you pick up your newly printed t-shirts, they’re a completely different shade than the logo on your website. Uh oh. 

How could this have happened? Most likely, you didn’t use a PANTONE color for your logo. 

What is a PANTONE color?

PANTONE is a company whose mission is to assist brands and advertisers with finding the perfect colors to represent their businesses. They also provide color consulting and basing their suggestions off of color psychology

Among the many benefits of using PANTONE colors is their consistency – they will be the same colors no matter where you’re viewing them, whether online or in print. Because PANTONE is knowledgeable about color theory and color psychology, you can rest assured that your color scheme will not only be complementary but will also help with brand awareness and contribute to your business’s overall mission. 

Why should you use a PANTONE color?

The biggest benefit to using PANTONE colors for your brand is their consistency. Because color has a large impact on your brand awareness, it is massively important to have your colors the same across all platforms. The goal of selecting a brand color is to have the shade as close as possible between all your products. That way, your clients begin to associate those specific colors with your brand.

Additionally, by using specifically PANTONE colors, you are not only helping yourself, but you are helping the designer and printer by having the color code readily available. You are ensuring that your design looks exactly the way you wanted the first time. This makes the process go smoothly and saves a lot of time and stress for everyone involved.

How do you select your PANTONE color? 

Picking your PANTONE is super simple – just visit their website and look at all the shades they have to offer! PANTONE has several different books and tons of swatches to browse for your perfect color. If you’ve picked a color on another software, that’s great, too. By using the search feature on their site, you can enter the code of the color you’ve already selected. They’ll match it for you; then, you can take it to your designer or the print shop and know exactly what color will be representing your business!

How can you make the most of your new brand colors?

If you don’t already have a brand guide, what are you waiting for? If you’re unfamiliar, a brand guide is a collection of your logos and brand colors. This makes your brand accessible, recognizable, and replicable. Once you’ve selected your PANTONE shades, add them to your logos and your brand guide to create a consistent and professional representation of your brand.

Ready to get started on your brand guide? Our designers at Blackwood are experts at creating brand guides and ready to help you with yours!

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