Hop on any social networking site you have and scroll down on your feed for just a second. Did you come across a video post made by some of your favorite brands or businesses? Chances are, yes.

The Popularity of Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer an innovative technique. It is dominating the marketing world.

Brands have been consistently using video to enhance their digital efforts for well over a decade. This does not mean the tactics within video marketing are not innovative. Just like any marketing effort, as more competition rolls in, the complexities of the process broaden.

Here is what you must understand: moving away from something just because everyone is doing it and it seems overdone is not necessarily a smart move to make. Especially in the case of video marketing.

You Should Do It, Too

Creating a video marketing process for your company or brand is essential to your growth. It’s not only telling the world who you are or what you do, it’s showing the world.

I hear what you are saying… “Why can’t we just use photos?”

Videos go one step further. They are a more engaging and versatile content format that gives a real-life picture of what’s going on. The right kind of video process uses your unique branding style – it speaks true of your company, your employees, and maybe even your type of clientele. A video may show what your office looks like or the type of work you do. It can showcase your employees’ crazy talent. Client testimonials can also add flare to your video marketing process.

This is How You Do It

It’s insufficient to forgo videos within your marketing, but it’s detrimental to forgo having a specific video strategy. There are so many different types of videos that can be done to enhance your marketing. The key is to hone in on what gives your company or brand the extra edge. Producing eye-catching video content that keeps people engaged is crucial. So are these tips:

  • Be professional. It’s okay to have fun with your videos, just be mindful of the message you are trying to communicate. Know what you want to say and speak it clearly.
  • Vary video length. Record both short and long formatted videos. (Insider tip: long format is making a comeback!)
  • Use the right equipment. When you use good, quality equipment, it shows.
  • Put effort into the edit. Don’t be lazy about the details. Smooth out those transitions. Add the right kind of music.
  • Incorporate your brand. Follow your brand guide, using logos, colors, styles, and voice that are consistent with who you are.
  • Elicit the wow factor. Good enough isn’t good enough. As you create your video, always be asking yourself if the content is wow-worthy.
  • Trust the professionals. Video marketing can turn into its own entity. Contacting Blackwood just might be the best video marketing strategy you’ve ever had.

Everybody’s doing it and you should be, too. Go ahead and give in to the peer pressure of video marketing—it’ll go further than you think!

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3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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