Because of the rise of social media and the worldwide craving for instant entertainment, short videos became the go-to. However, as times continue to change, people are gravitating more towards longer, documentary-type videos. Long-form videos are making a comeback. But why? Is this a trend you should be jumping on?

1. Use a storyline to drive the video.

Nowadays, people want to hear a story. Perhaps one of the best examples is when REI, the store of an outdoorsman’s dreams, created Paul’s Boots. This almost 40-minute-long video tells a heartwarming story of Paul and all the people who have helped him through his journey. While there is no direct mention of REI or their products aside from the boots, this video showcases the best parts of their brand; the feeling of community is evident throughout, and it leaves viewers feeling all warm and fuzzy.

This is the idea of long-form videos – appealing to your audience and giving them a positive view of your brand.

2. Seamless brand integration.

The most important thing to remember when producing a long-form video is maintaining originality and authenticity. You’re creating this video to represent and advertise your brand – don’t deny that. Staying honest and transparent with your audience is a guaranteed way to gain their trust, and that trust can drive them to work with your company. 

At the same time, don’t let it become a drawn-out infomercial. Your entire video doesn’t need to include every feature of every product or service you offer. Instead, make your brand make sense: showcase situations your audience may find themselves in that would require them to contact you. 

3. Engagement.

In order for long-form videos to be successful for your brand, you need an attentive audience. Statistics show that the average United States adult spends 6 hours per day watching videos. That doesn’t mean make a 6 hour video – honestly, please don’t. But this information goes to show that people are willing to take the time to sit down and watch the content you’re creating.

There are many brands who have been able to use humor to keep the watch time high on their videos. When your audience is engaged with your video and laughing, they’ll form a more positive opinion of your brand. They’ll remember your brand for giving them a good feeling, and that can drive sales. In fact, the Harmon Brothers, some of the experts behind funny commercials that sell, offer a course in writing scripts for your advertisements. 

4. Attention span.

With YouTube videos and Instagram’s IGTV, looking at the average length of videos can show you how many people are watching long-form videos. Many more popular creators have made the switch to longer videos, simply because they understand that their audience is craving them. The demographic your brand caters to may be craving the same thing.

It appears that the average attention span for many people watching videos has gotten longer; the best way to ensure this is to hook your viewers in at the beginning. If you have a strong beginning, people will want to hear what you have to say!

If long-form videos seem like something your brand should delve into, now is a better time than ever. Not sure if this is the form of marketing you should be pursuing? Contact our marketing experts here at Blackwood. We’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction to showcase your business to a wider audience.

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