For any driven and hardworking professional in a hustle-oriented workspace, stress is bound to creep up on you. When pushing yourself to reach hard deadlines, productivity can become confused with mental strain. Those pesky external stressors that often arise from our personal lives don’t help the matter. So how do we maintain a steady workflow when we’re essentially running on stress-laden fumes?

Turn Stress into Productivity

1. Refocus.

Why are you hustling so hard? How much of your to-do list is truly a productive use of your valuable time, and how much of it simply needs to be deleted? Remember why you do what you do, then refocus your mind on what really matters in order to accomplish your long-term goals.

2. Recognize.

We all have personal lives outside of the workplace. At least I hope so! Sometimes our lives can get complicated and messy, influencing our mood, energy level, productivity, etc. If you suppress these issues for too long, they could negatively impact your job performance.

Recognize these stressors for what they are rather than attempting to suppress them. Then make an intentional effort to deal with them as they come. You’ll be able to compartmentalize this way, focusing your mind on what’s before you rather than constantly being drawn back to your personal stressors.

3. Reward.

Instead of focusing on the goal of completing an entire task, hone in on the small goals that will get you there. Who doesn’t love to cross things off a to-do list throughout the day? Setting and accomplishing landmark goals is incredibly rewarding and offers you a refreshing sense of accomplishment. 

Here’s an expert tip: When making your to-do list, keep nine items or less on your list- one large task, three medium tasks, and five small tasks. It’s a proven strategy that keeps your tasks manageable.

4. Relax

Although the phrase is cliché, there’s plenty of truth behind “work hard, play hard.” If you spend too much of your time in a state of constant “hustle,” you’ll find yourself racing down a one-way street to burnout. Make sure you’re taking time to relax your mind with enjoyable activities separate from your day-to-day work, whether that’s hitting a few on the green, reading a good book, or finger painting with the kids.

The Productive Solution to Stress

It’s important not only to your productivity but also to your mental health to manage your “hustle”-induced stress. Refocus on what’s important, recognize your personal stressors, reward yourself, and make the time to relax.

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