Facebook has been around for awhile. Does it really have any life left? I submit that yes, it absolutely does. And I have some good reasons for believing that you can still find your target market on this time-tested social media platform.

Convincing Stats 

Facebook is not only alive and well, it boasts 1.45 billion active users every single day. There’s an excellent chance your target market is among those billions of daily scrollers.

Facebook reaches at least 137 countries, taking the top spot among social networks in the vast majority of those countries. While more women than men have Facebook accounts, the difference is minimal. 

Not convinced yet? Read on.

The Facebook Connection

Facebook’s mission in a nutshell is to help keep people connected to each other and give them the opportunity to share life. It’s all about community. This is incredibly convenient given the fact that influencer marketing has been on the rise.

Other social media networks allow for organic consumer content, but Facebook has the edge. It’s the most natural place for your customers to share with everyone they know their experiences with your company. 

Here are some ways that Facebook makes this connection so easy for your company:

  1. Business Manager, Groups, and Pages allow your consumers to interact with you and provide feedback. They also make it super easy for consumers to connect their friends (and your potential future customers) with your company. People are looking to people they trust before making buying decisions. Facebook makes it so easy to do just that.
  2. Facebook tools, more than any other network can boast, give your business vast options to utilize for reaching your market. You can boost posts, create interactive ads and follower polls, and shoot Live video, to name a few. Speaking of Facebook Live, it has grown by more than four times in the last year, according to the Facebook man himself, Mark Zuckerberg. Your target market is watching.
  3. Increased SEO is a major perk you’ll enjoy when using Facebook. While we don’t know exactly how much weight search engines give social media interactions, there’s clear connection between a well-run Facebook page and a high-ranking SEO. Facebook drives traffic to your website through shared links, which means increased visibility and lowered bounce rates.
  4. New features are constantly rolling out. The aforementioned Facebook Live is continually being updated for easier and more broad use. The Stories feature is a quick and simple way to capture your consumer’s attention. There’s even the new Show Pages that work like a visual podcast. Facebook is constantly coming out with better and better features, making connection with your target market easier and easier.

Here for the Long(er) Haul

Facebook is always growing and adapting to its users’ preferences. It’s a platform that will continue to stand the test of time. Don’t write off all the other social media networks, though. Spread your brand across a handful of different platforms, reaching your potential consumers where ever they happen to be. But the stats are promising. The usefulness is clear. Your target market IS on Facebook right now, and will likely remain for many years to come.

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