Each and every year, new color schemes and design styles pop up and become widespread across social media and marketing platforms. Every brand wants to stay relevant and on-trend. Therefore, these patterns tend to attract many designers who put their own spin on the trends for their respective brands. Now that 2019 is almost over, it’s time for us to start looking ahead towards 2020 and its trends! Here are 5 of our predictions for 2020’s graphic design trends.

1. Abstract illustrations. 

The days of straight lines and precise markings may be coming to an end in 2020. Therefore, many blogs and websites are beginning to move towards abstract illustrations and more wiggly lines. Doist’s “Ambition & Balance” blog is a prime example of how eye-catching and beautiful abstract illustrations can be, and how it may be one of the oncoming graphic design trends. 

2. Minimalism – particularly in web design. 

Additionally, while the illustrations may be a little more abstract, most websites will continue to be laid out simply and minimalistically. The wave of decluttering websites and breaking them down to the basics won’t be stopping anytime soon! 

3. Monochromatic accents. 

One of the most popular trends on the rise is having monochrome elements within design. For the foreseeable future, websites may be expected to have minimalist black-and-white backgrounds with one accent color throughout the site to break up the minimalism and add a pop of color. 

4. Experimentation with typography and lettering.

Lettering has become a huge focus in visual media over the last several years, and we don’t foresee that stopping. Simple, bold lettering (like our font) seems to be very on-trend for the coming year, and many companies are starting to experiment with fonts and typography. Even Facebook recently created a new logo with a simplistic font. 2020 may be the year of the font! (P.S. we can help you create a custom font! Just let us know – we’ll make it happen!)

5. Liquidy, dreamy movement.

Seems like a weird description, but we mean that organic shapes are on the rise. Organic shapes convey a natural feel, and many companies seem to be moving towards more natural and flowy shapes in their marketing. Maybe it’s time to spice it up and add some liquidy, organic blobs into your logo or marketing!

Of course, graphic design always needs to convey the personality and mission of your brand, so do what makes sense for you personally. However, if any of these seem doable for your business, go ahead and hop on one of these graphic design trends. Here’s to seeing what 2020 brings in the world of graphic design!

Are you looking to spice up your brand and create new marketing materials? Reach out to us here at Blackwood Creative. Whether it’s a total rebrand, a new online marketing strategy, or content creation, we’re here to work with you and create something beautiful.

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