Analytics are one of the most powerful built-in tools on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The word may sound big and official, but these insights are super accessible and easy to find within the platforms. By learning how to properly read and utilize these analytics, your social media presence will grow and improve in massive ways.

What are analytics?

Analytics are insights into the demographics of your audience, your content’s performance, and the reach of your business’s account. They can tell you the age, gender, and location statistics of your followers, when they are most active on the social media platform, and what kind of content they are most likely to engage with.

How can you use analytics to your advantage?

You can cater your posts directly to the interests of your audience once you’re aware of the demographics – and this is huge. Let’s say the majority of your audience is females between the ages of 18 and 24. Once you know that, gear your posts and captions towards things that people in that category would be drawn to. This will also allow you to have a better idea of who your target market may be.

Additionally, your analytics show the times during the day and/or week when your audience is most active. In the past, you could post at any time of day and people would pretty consistently engage with your posts. Due to changes in the algorithm, that is no longer true. By posting during the time your audience is most active on the platform, you will increase engagement and reach more people. 

Why should you use analytics to grow your business?

There are also insights available which compare your recent posts to each other. This shows you what kind of content has done well and what kind hasn’t been as much of a hit. Let’s say you own a makeup company and you’ve just released a new product. Yesterday, you posted a before and after picture with the product being used, and it got 100 likes. The next day, you post a high-quality photo showing off the product on a model, and it gets 300 likes. 

After you see how much more engagement the high-quality photo got in comparison to the previous one, you should use that knowledge to direct you towards posting content your audience loves. When you know exactly what your audience is looking for, you are able to grow your business. 

Ready to start using your analytics to your advantage?

Analytics can be crucial to your business’s success, even though they’re easy to overlook. Having trouble determining what exactly you should be posting according to your analytics? Contact us here at Blackwood. We’re highly experienced and skilled in using analytics to help grow your business.

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