Some people say creativity is something you have to be born with. Don’t believe them.

Of course there are those who are more naturally artistic, but that doesn’t mean that the left-brains of the world can’t be creative, too. Creativity is a worthy skill that can be learned and developed with patience and persistence. And that hard-earned creativity can take you places.

Boost Your Creativity in the Workplace

The following tips are exactly how you prove you are creative no matter which side of the brain you operate from. Use these tips to boost your creativity within the workplace and just see what happens:

Take a Break

A creative mind is a relaxed mind. By reducing the amount of stress and infinite thoughts racing through your head, you allow your brain the space for soaking in new ideas and potential solutions. Sometimes amidst the constant grind, a break can be the perfect tool to give you the burst of inspiration you need to get the job done.

One of the best ways to take a break is to go for a walk. Getting the blood moving gets the creative juices flowing.

Modify and Reuse

You’re familiar with the fact that “there is nothing new under the sun,” right? Everything that has ever come into existence is a result of modification and reuse. Great ideas always get their spark from somewhere. Creative people get that. Instead of feeling inferior to the creations of those you admire, analyze their work to find the elements you like. Then revise these elements using your own interpretation. (Keep in mind that there is a very distinct line between modifying and reusing an idea and plagiarizing that idea. Don’t cross it!)

Sometimes the most creative solutions are a result of taking very concrete and trusted practices outside of their original context and reshaping them to fit into new perspectives.

Change Things Up

Routine is good and schedules are necessary for businesses to function. But neither are conducive to the creative process. If you find yourself stuck in a creative rut, changing things up could make all the difference. Move your workspace to a local coffee shop or a park bench for the afternoon. This could boost your creativity while boosting your productivity.

You can also change up your workday routine by breaking up tasks into small chunks and shifting gears every half hour. By doing this, you’re stretching your brain through different ways of thought, breaking up stagnation, and boosting your energy. Additionally, when you take a break from one task to focus on another, you might return to the prior task with fresh eyes and a better solution.

Trust the Process

Sometimes creativity comes in spikes or waves of energy. It can be difficult to be patient in your ability to be creative when you’re facing deadlines, learning a new skill, or just downright exhausted. Accept the fact that sometimes creativity is a fight to the death while other times it flows freely. Learn to roll with it! Trust the process of creativity over whether or not you’re feeling particularly creative at the moment. Try new approaches, revise your concept, start over, be open-minded. But whatever happens… never give up.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with your workflow, source(s) of inspiration, and habits. Remember that everyone operates differently–the process that allows your co-worker to excel might not work for you. Creativity is a risky business that requires thinking outside the box. Experiment with it. Go crazy with it. And be patient with it.

Maybe you were born with the creativity gene. Or maybe you’ve spent your lifetime honing the skill. With patience, persistence, and a trust in the process, you are creative.

You can believe us here at Blackwood. Creative is what we do.

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