Nowadays, there are just so many social media platforms it could make your head spin. One of the lesser-talked-about platforms is Reddit; it’s surprising how often this platform gets overlooked. Reddit was created in 2005; currently there are approximately 330 million active users each month. Since there are so many people on there, why not start including it in your marketing efforts? Here’s the scoop on all things Reddit. 

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a forum-based social media platform. It’s advertised as “the front page of the internet,” and that couldn’t be more true. Essentially, Reddit is subdivided into different communities by interest; cooking, memes, animals, funny videos, and an endless list of other interests are represented on this platform. Each community is a “subreddit.” Within subreddits, users can share stories, photos, or videos corresponding to the overarching topic of the community. 

How can you grow your brand on this platform?

There are a couple of strategies for marketing on Reddit. One strategy is targeting particular subreddits to get access to a more specific audience. Once you’ve created your account, start finding applicable subreddits according to both your business’s interests and industry. When you’ve found those, it’s time to start researching; figure out what kind of content does the best on that subreddit. Replicate that style in your own posts, and you’ll find success. 

The other strategy would be to try to get on the front page of the platform. This is a lofty goal, but it does sometimes work. The problem is, Reddit doesn’t really like “marketing” content. In other words, when you’re creating specifically targeted content, other Reddit users catch you in the act. How do you even begin to combat this?

Well, step one is to get in the Reddit mindset. Begin to use the platform for your own personal enjoyment; try to understand where other users are coming from. That way, when you do start trying to advertise to Redditers, you’ll be able to reach them on a deeper level because you know the language of the platform…and you won’t end up on the subreddit making fun of advertisements.

Does Reddit have advertising services put in place for businesses?

Yes! Reddit does, in fact, have an advertising program for businesses who want to use their platform to gain a new audience. Additionally, they have posts on their advertising page which can help you reach the hard-to-figure-out Reddit users. That way, even if you don’t fully understand what Redditers are looking for in an advertisement, you can do your best to reach out effectively. 

We hope you’ll consider adding Reddit to your list of platforms to advertise on! You’ll see results once you get the hang of using the platform. Struggling to navigate the wild world of social media? Have no fear, Blackwood Creative is here! Reach out to us today. We’re the experts in social media and online marketing – let’s work together to create something beautiful. 

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