In a successful marketing castle, content is the reigning king. 

It’s called Content Marketing, and it’s something you need to implement immediately. Read on as I convince you why.

What Is Content Marketing?

First, what exactly is contact marketing? Content Marketing Institute put it this way:

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable costumer action.”

In short, you’re offering useful information that will solve your target audience’s problems. It’s a completely different approach than traditional advertising. And people like it, including your next customer or client.

Content Marketing comes in many different forms but all with the same goal of sharing valuable information to your target market. Here are a handful of popular avenues by which to share your relevant and essential content:

  • Blogging – Write your posts well, and be consistent! Google will weed out the less impressive information. Don’t be a weed.
  • Infographics – All the key information your customer needs in an appealing and simple infographic will not only please the reader, but will make sharing your valuable content incredibly easy.
  • Ebooks – This may take a little extra effort but, if done well, can be a game-changer. It’s an excellent way to showcase your expertise and gain trust. Be careful of advertising in your ebook, keeping talk of your product down to less than 10% of the total content if you’re hoping for some converts. 
  • Case studies – The very best form of advertising is to let your customers share your story! People trust customers before companies. Take advantage of that with case studies. 
  • Videos – Content isn’t always the written word. And while pictures may speak a thousand words, videos are easily a favorite in the social media world. A high-quality video will get you shares; 1,200% more, in fact, than text and images combined.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Here’s a few reasons why content marketing needs to reign supreme in your marketing strategy:

  1. Brings in new traffic

Think about how you ended up here reading this. There’s a very good chance your Google search landed you here. You were looking for relevant and quality content that would help you. Your potential customers are doing the very same thing. If nothing else, content can vastly improve your search engine optimization (SEO). When done well and consistently, you’re looking at 434% more pages indexed by search engines than businesses that don’t publish any content.

  1. Builds your reputation

Through content, you’re able to showcase your expertise while providing valuable information. If consumers find your content helpful, they’re going to trust you. As you continually offer answers to their problems, they’ll keep coming back. 

  1. Creates quality leads

New leads are essential to any business, and these leads are going to stick around if they find your content valuable. As that trust is built through your content, they’re more likely to be willing to share a little information with you. And ultimately, when you do put out a call to action, that lead turns into a customer that’s going to keep sticking around.

  1. Encourages relationships

The only thing better than a new lead is a repeat customer. Especially small businesses live or die based on repeat business. Useful and quality content makes your customers feel connected to your company. It builds a loyalty that will not only keep them coming back, but just might encourage them to bring some of their friends along with them!

  1. Sets you apart

If you’re a tiny fish in the ocean of competitors, your content could be your only lifeline. It gives you a voice and a personality. It allows you to share your story; a story that could be the very thing that sets you apart from every other company in your field. 

  1. It’s what your customer wants!

The bottom line is, consumers want content. They want their interest peaked, their questions answered, and their needs met. They want to know that you’re a company that can be trusted, that you’re an expert in your field, and that you hold a solid reputation. Give the customers what they want! Put the Content King on his throne.

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