Have you ever met someone who just understands you right off the bat?What if your business could be like that for your clients? This just in: your business CAN be like that for your clients. You can click with your clients through a little thing called niche content, and that may be just the right move for your business’s social media presence. 

What is niche content?

Niche content is a certain type of social media post that appeals to a specific group of people. For instance, if a car company were to post about all different kinds of vehicles, that isn’t necessarily a niche. However, if that company only posted about Chevrolets, or even more specific, Chevrolet trucks, that is considered niche content. Not everyone loves Chevy trucks – perhaps they’re fans of Dodge – so this content doesn’t appeal to everyone. That being said, the people who do identify with that type of content are likely to share it with their like-minded friends.

What are the benefits of niche content? 

When your audience relates to your content, they’re more apt to share it with their friends. This is where niche content can really increase your business’s reach: when your audience spreads the word about your business through sharing your posts, you’re attracting more people who relate to what you’re posting and are interested in your business because of it. These are the people in your target market, and reaching them this way makes it much easier to sell to them since you’ve already piqued their interest. 

What’s the risk of posting niche content?

As with all good things, posting niche content comes with a bit of a risk factor. Your page’s future can really go one of two ways. 

The first way, which is ideal, is that your audience loves what you’re posting and becomes more loyal to your brand. They also go on to attract more clients for you by word of mouth, and your business grows. 

The second way, however, is that you receive some backlash from your audience if they don’t enjoy what you’re posting. Backlash doesn’t always have to mean hate comments, so don’t worry, but you will be able to notice a decrease in your engagement if your content isn’t working in your favor. 

Why should you consider posting niche content? 

This isn’t necessarily for every business, so if it seems like too much of a gamble for you, don’t stress. Your business isn’t going to fail if you decide against posting it. However, if it’s something your company could benefit from, it’s worth considering. 

When done correctly, posting within a niche appeals to your audience in a way that not all content can. It directly relates to the interests, beliefs, or morals of your audience. You are encouraging your client base to be more loyal to your company by showing that your business understands and shares their feelings.

Are you looking to grow your audience on social media? Contact us here at Blackwood – niche or not, we know how to grow your brand by posting the right content.

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