Facebook Messenger can be an incredibly effective way to reach out to potential clients. Members of your audience likely value that personal connection between themselves and your business, and you can easily foster that relationship using Messenger. However, as with any form of communication, there is a certain type of etiquette to follow with your Messenger interactions. Facebook recently published 10 tips for maintaining that etiquette on their platform, but we’ve pared it down to the basics here. Here’s how to keep it classy on Facebook Messenger. 

1. Know your Messenger audience.

As a business owner, you’re probably more familiar with your target market than just about anybody. When you have a specific demographic to market to, you’re able to get more familiar with the way that group of people likes to communicate. Once you know, utilize that information in your Facebook Messenger campaign. Send a message that contains something you know they’ll be interested in – an event, newsletter, promotional deal, or otherwise. You’ll be ecstatic with the results when you know exactly what they’re looking for!

2. Keep a consistent tone.

Whether you have one person or several working on your social media presence, make sure you’re keeping your tone consistent when you’re in contact with your audience. If different people are speaking with their own “voice” over Messenger, your potential client may get confused. For a lot of reasons, it’s best to have one “company voice” as well as have all your employees on the same page about answering questions. This makes for better relationships with your audience!

3. Say just enough – no more, no less!

In any conversation, balance is key. This doesn’t change when you’re talking to a client! A conversation is a two-way street, so make sure you’re not overwhelming your potential client with information. Most likely, they’ll be able to find a lot of information about your business through your profile or website. Therefore, it’s better to allow the potential client to ask for more information rather than just piling it onto them. 

4. Check Messenger often, and reply as quickly as you can.

Nobody is available 24/7, and that’s okay! However, if you’ve had a notification sitting on your business’ page for 5 days, you may be better off getting to that as quickly as you can. A high response rate is key to having clients reach out to you via social media. Advise your social media team to reply as quickly as possible to retain clients and build relationships with your audience!

5. Make a graceful exit.

Just because you’re having a conversation with a potential client doesn’t mean you have to carry that conversation on forever. Whenever you’ve finished exchanging information about your business, feel free to excuse yourself from the conversation. You could even throw in a little plug for your website or other social media accounts as a way to stay in touch! Keep the conversation open; don’t shut them off with your goodbye. Make your business available and accessible, but don’t keep conversations going forever!

Facebook Messenger is an awesome way to reach out and form relationships with your audience. When you abide by the proper etiquette, you’ll find that your audience starts to trust that they can contact you whenever they have questions! That way, you’ll gain loyal clients and positive feedback. If you’re interested in reading the other tips from Facebook on how to use Messenger properly, you can find their guide here!

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