As a small business, your very existence depends on the right kind of customer service. Neil Patel claims that 71% of consumers will leave your business due to poor customer service. A huge chunk of that stat will do business with your competitor instead.

Don’t be a statistic.

But I’m preaching to the choir, right? You all know that customer service is essential to a thriving company. Poor customer service is the quickest way to go belly up. It’s really just common sense.

The sense that isn’t quite as common is what good customer service actually looks like.

No need to fret. Trial, error, and plenty of hard-earned common sense has contributed to Blackwood’s extensive knowledge on the subject. That’s us, by the way, and we love sharing our wisdom with fellow entrepreneurs. You’re welcome.

Crush your customer service game by following these 7 simple rules:

The Rules of Customer Service

Rule #1: Surprise and Delight

It really is about making the customer happy. But the best kind of customer service takes it to the next level— surprise them! Everyone expects to be treated respectfully and get what they pay for. But a company that goes above and beyond the expectation is a company that has customers for life. Go the extra mile. Sweat the details. Surprise and delight your customers every time.

Rule #2: Be Cheerful

Even if you don’t feel like it. Especially when you don’t feel like it. When a customer is unhappy or has a complaint, you don’t love it. Choose to be cheerful anyway. Show your customer that it is a joy to serve them and make things right.

Rule #3: Always Listen

If you’re having trouble pleasing a customer, there’s a good chance you’re just not listening. Hear them out. Then surprise and delight them by actively listening and taking proper action. Remember, without clientele, you wouldn’t even be a business. Always listen!

Rule #4: Take Action

We realize there’s just no way to please everyone. But don’t let that be your mantra! Instead, do everything you can to fix the issue. Acknowledge it. Let it be an opportunity for personal and professional growth. And make the necessary changes. A customer with a complaint that is heard and resolved will be a customer that sticks around.

Rule #5: Keep Your Promises

You’ve worked with enough people to know how incredibly annoying it is when someone doesn’t follow through with something. You rearrange your schedule to accommodate someone who doesn’t bother to show up. You expect a shipment to arrive on time so you can meet a deadline and it’s not there. It’s horribly unprofessional. Be professional by sticking to your word.

Rule #6: Be Respectful

Treat your clients like people. This means being courteous and kind. They’re humans, not sales. It means believing them (“the customer is always right”). Never, ever, argue with a customer. Don’t treat them the way you expect to be treated by other companies. Treat them even better.

Rule #7: Break the Rules

Oh no, not these rules! Break your company rules. Go ahead and give them the sale price that ended yesterday. Deliver, even though you don’t do that. Fix an order even if it wasn’t your fault. Break the rules for the sake of your customer because customers are your business lifeblood.

The Game Winner

Blackwood Creative is here for you. We love our clients! Let us surprise and delight you by taking the marketing weight off your shoulders so you can focus on crushing your customer service game.

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