No, we don’t mean personal space – we mean keep the space within your design. Spacing is a key element in graphic design, and it’s one that many businesses and brands overlook when creating marketing materials. But how do you even go about determining the right amount of space to keep?

What is spacing?

Spacing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – it’s the blank space around the text and information of your design. Essentially, the presence of this negative space allows your design to both flow well and be readable. Have you ever read a book or brochure where the letters were so close together that you could only read so much before your eyes got tired? That’s due to lack of spacing – and that is exactly what we want to avoid.

By having enough space within your marketing materials, you are able to maintain a consistent level of professionalism across all of your business materials. Subsequently, your clients will come to expect that same professionalism throughout your business.

Why is spacing important?

White space in a design allows your client’s eyes to rest while they look over your product. If there isn’t enough white space, your client will likely get tired of trying to read everything and give up. The last thing you want is for your client to stop learning about your brand because of something you can easily fix!

Spacing can break up your design and provide contrast; it also can connect the different parts of your marketing material to create a better design flow. A design with enough white space will stand out just as much as a busy, aggressively colorful design.

How do you know when you have enough space?

Honestly, it’s nearly impossible to have too much white space in your design. An “information detox” is one way to determine the amount of space you actually need. Essentially, go through all of the information you want on your design and narrow it down to the absolute necessities. That way, you not only have a concise design, but you can utilize the white space to bring your design together in a polished and professional way. 

Still having trouble figuring out how to incorporate white space into your design? Contact our designers here at Blackwood and we’ll get spacy with you.

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