It’s no secret that deciphering the tone of written words can be difficult. How many times have we all misinterpreted someone’s text message? Marketing copy works the same way. It can be really difficult to determine what some brands are saying if they aren’t being extremely careful with their wording. We know you’re true to your word – you mean what you say. But how do you make sure you say what you mean?

Give it a once-over…and then a twice-over. 

When you’re the one writing the words, you read them with the tone you have in mind. However, your reader isn’t inside your brain! Until everyone is gifted with the power of mind reading, try reading your words from an outsider’s perspective. If possible, have a friend or colleague read it over before you submit or publish it. Having clarity from someone else’s point of view can steer you in the right direction if words need to be changed or switched around to really say what you mean. 

Read your writing aloud.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find areas for improvement by just staring at your words. Actors and marketers have a lot in common – bear with us here, this is going somewhere, we promise. Our jobs are to effectively communicate a message, and both professions require you to say what you mean. Give a nod to the actors of the world: stand in front of a mirror and read what you’ve written! It feels weird, but you can really grasp the meaning and impact of the words that way. Actors do it with their lines; you should do it with your writing. Trust us, it helps.

Be extremely clear and concise with your writing.

It’s natural to want to over-explain in an effort to make your audience understand what you mean. However, this often makes your message more difficult to grasp. There’s a fine line between being blunt and being concise, and once you find that balance, you’re golden! Essentially, the idea is to get your message across in the simplest way possible. For example, if you’re selling a product, don’t tell your audience every little detail about it. Keep it short and relatable! Tell your audience what your product can do for them, and tell them where they can find it. Simple, sweet, and sellable!

Stay true to your brand message and say what you mean

Ultimately, the most important thing about marketing copy is staying true to your brand message. Being genuine with your audience is the best way to build trust in your working relationship. Say what you mean, and your audience will thank you for it!

If you’re struggling with getting your brand message out there, don’t fret. Reach out to us here at Blackwood Creative. Our team of marketing experts will be more than happy to work alongside you to make your brand remarkable. After all, we’re in the business of building remarkable brands! Contact us today.

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