Goal setting is an important part of any business. Once you brainstorm and identify a goal, it can be inspiring and you likely want to jump on it. Whatever your goal is and however inspired you’re feeling, it is likely the complications of life will shortly present a challenge and get in the way  So, when life gets in the way and the feeling of burnout ensues, what chance of accomplishing your goals do you still have? At Blackwood, our motto is this: a little bit better every single day will get you further than any other method of improvement. In short, consistency is key. Don’t get us wrong, we are all about throwing ourselves into our new goals. That being said, we know that slow and steady wins the race (and also decreases that chances of burnout and ultimate failure). 

This concept easily translates to marketing. To achieve your goals in marketing, consistency is key. A little bit better every day will put you in a great position to be a whole lot better come this time next year. So, set yourself up for success in your marketing efforts and focus consistency. 


On social media, your main goal should be to get the right sets of eyes on your content to hopefully direct those to the right places. Part of getting people to see your content is posting consistently and encouraging engagement. How do you do that? Well, you can do that in two ways:

1. Post in stories

Posting in your stories consistently throughout the day keeps your account at the top of most people’s feeds and therefore more viewed. While stories aren’t exactly great for curating a lot of great, informational content, they’re a great tool to use for more informal content that keeps your audience connected and engaged with your brand. Whether it’s a post about what you’re doing that day or a short video from someone in your brand giving your followers a quick update, posting on your stories encourages engagement that helps grow your platform and keep open conversations with your audience. Overtime, you will see improvement in engagement and by the same time next year, you should have built a significant community surrounding your page!

2. Post in your main feed

Posting on your main feed is a given. A consistent account not only posts on a regular basis, but it posts consistent quality content and is also consistent with what it’s followers like to see. So, by providing meaningful and engaging content for your followers consistently, you will be encouraging community and overall bettering your page.


How to post consistently on social media
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Consistency is key in all aspects of your ad space. Consistent branding, posting, and call to action. All of these things combined will not only garner eyes, but will hopefully get the exact eyes you want clicking where you want them to click.

The biggest idea here is to not give up. If you’re not seeing results, try something new. Throw everything at the wall and see if it sticks. When you see something stick, run with it and do it consistently. While you can keep trying new things, try to at least keep your branding and call to action the same. Same logo, same logo placements, same links, etc. The more people see you, the more they’re going to take note of your logo and call to action. Keep it consistent to promote recognizability so that if you eventually post something that makes them want to click through, they’ll need to know where to go and who’s post they’re clicking on.


Invest in yourself and your business by building habits that focus on improvement. This starts with yourself. Consistency in your personal life will lead to better business practices all around. This could include things like investing in your continuous education, investing into your health, or maybe even trying a new hobby. Whatever it is, be consistent in your commitment to it. Reading for only 5 minutes a day is better than forgetting to read 6 days in a row then only reading 10 minutes of your book. 


The same idea applies to your business. Checking in with clients once a week to see if they need anything and working on the little fixes is better than waiting until the end of the month and having to spend hours on a laundry list of different tasks. In everything you do, keep it as consistent as possible to keep things always moving.

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If your current marketing strategy just isn’t cutting it anymore, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of experts here at Blackwood Creative would be more than happy to work with you and help you meet and exceed your business goals. We’re in the business of building remarkable brands – yours could be next. Reach out to us today!

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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