Spoiler alert: If we didn’t think Snapchat was relevant, we wouldn’t have bothered to write up this post. But the answers to those questions aren’t as simple as yes or no.

We are going to cover two main things in this post:

  1. Is Snapchat still relevant?
  2. If so, should your business be utilizing it for marketing purposes?

Let’s get into it!

Is Snapchat still relevant?

In 2019, Snapchat reached 210 million daily active users, increasing quite a bit from 186 million the previous year. It appears the platform has mad a recovery from the rough time they had in 2018, which is wonderful! Additionally, it’s been reported that 78% of internet users in the United States between the ages of 18 and 24 are using Snapchat. From 2017 until today, users have spent an average of around half an hour every day on the app.

That last statistic says a lot about the app itself; while the number of daily users has definitely increased, that alone may not boost engagement. The fact that the amount of time people spend on the app every day hasn’t fluctuated much says that it may have plateaued. This is worth noting when you consider adding Snapchat to your social media strategy, as it can influence the type and amount of content you’re putting on the platform.

Should you be utilizing Snapchat?

So, is Snapchat relevant to ​your business​? As with every other social media platform, it’s vital to understand Snapchat’s demographics before jumping on board. If your target market isn’t checking snaps and sending their own, you may end up wasting precious time and money.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most recently documented demographics. (The source can be found ​HERE​​.)

75% of users are under 34 years old.
61% of users are female, and 38% are male.
39% of users are between 18-24 years old.
20% of US college students use Snapchat, and 41% of teenagers say it is their favorite social media platform.

Clearly, Snapchat is a favorite among the younger crowds. If your target market tends to land in any age range above 25 years old, Snapchat may not be the best place for you. Keep an eye on its demographics just in case, but consider focusing your energies elsewhere for now.

If these demographics fit with your brand, don’t waste another minute! Snapchat offers unique marketing opportunities that you simply don’t want to miss out on. (Wondering about advertising on Snapchat? We’ve got your back!) Or, check out ​Snapchat’s business center​ for everything you need to know about the options this platform has available.

Having trouble figuring out what platforms to include in your social media strategy or how to reach the people you’re going for? Don’t worry – reach out to us here at Blackwood Creative. We’re the experts in social media and content marketing, and we’d love to help increase your brand awareness. Let’s build something remarkable together.

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