We are going to cover two main things in this post:

  1. Is Snapchat still relevant?
  2. If so, should your business be utilizing it for marketing purposes?

Spoiler alert: If we didn’t think Snapchat was relevant, we wouldn’t have bothered to write up this post. But the answers to those questions aren’t as simple as yes or no. Let me explain…

Is Snapchat still relevant?

The Facebook/Instagram empire may have nabbed the main idea of Snapchat by adding disappearing stories to their repertoire, but Snapchat is still holding its own. The roughly ​186 million daily users​ in 2018 is up 5% from 2017. And these millions of Snapchatters are checking in 12-20 times a day, spending an average of 40 minutes on the app.

That being said, there are some stats showing that Snapchat has had better days. The momentum isn’t quite booming as it once was. Rumor has it, a recent update done in early 2018 caused a noticeable chunk of users to sign off. Of course, many have returned and many new users have signed on, so while ​Snap may be struggling on the stock market​, it’s relevancy in the business marketing world appears to be holding strong.

Should you be utilizing Snapchat?

The question remains, though- is Snapchat relevant to ​your business​? As with every other social media platform, it’s vital to understand Snapchat’s demographics before jumping on board. If your target market isn’t checking snaps and sending their own, you’ll be wasting precious time and money.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 2018 demographics. (The sources can be found ​HERE​ and HERE​.)

71% of users are under 34 years old.
70% of users are female.
30% of US Millennials are regular users.
45% of users are between 18-24 years old.
45% of college students are willing to open a snap from a brand they don’t even know. 73% of college students would open a snap from a brand they do know.

Clearly, Snapchat is a favorite among the younger crowds. If your target market tends to land in any age range above 25 years old, Snapchat may not be the best place for you. Keep an eye on Snapchat, but focus your energies elsewhere for now.

If these demographics scream your brand, don’t waste another minute. Your target market awaits! Snapchat offers unique marketing opportunities that you simply don’t want to miss out on.

For example:

  • ●  Snap Ads are ten-second videos that can drive a user to a call-to-action. Snapchat users are ​68% more likely​ to impulse buy!
  • ●  Geofilters allow you to create a specific lens that users can implement in their snapswhen they are close to your place of business or your event.
  • ●  Lenses are super popular as they use facial recognition to put the user right into theimage or video. Snapchat created ​Lens Studio​ for businesses to create their own lenses.

Check out ​Snapchat’s business center​ for everything you need to know about marketing with the Snap ghost and all the other options Snapchat has available.

Who cares about Snapchat? 

Here’s a bonus question for you: Who actually cares about Snapchat? You have the demographics. You have the marketing ideas. Does your target market care about Snapchat? Should you?

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