In late February, Vimeo announced the release of their new video creation platform: Vimeo Create. Designed with marketing and business in mind, it’s pretty amazing. With so many tools and templates to choose from, there’s so much to learn about Vimeo Create. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

What is Vimeo Create?

Vimeo Create is a video creating platform with a multitude of templates to choose from. This platform makes video content creation simple and streamlined for all of your social media and online marketing needs. In Vimeo’s words, “We made Vimeo Create specifically for you. This fast, simple solution gives you exactly what you need to deploy impactful social videos for whatever you need. Think: Stories, ads, customer engagement, and beyond.” 

How can you utilize this platform for your business?

We’ve previously discussed the importance and impact of video marketing for your business. Using this platform, you’re able to create high-quality videos for various social media platforms quickly and easily. They have pre-made templates for Instagram Stories and posts, promotional videos, referral codes, and so many more. Additionally, you can choose to “start from scratch” and create your own template. You can add your company’s colors, create visually stunning content, and maintain a consistent brand message. Plus, you can connect your Facebook and Dropbox to Vimeo and have all of your information together. They’ve really made it simple for you to start adding video marketing into your strategy!

How do you access Vimeo Create?

Vimeo has made their platform accessible on iOS, Android, and desktop! This way, you can create your videos on the go or in your office. You can choose several different membership routes for this platform. First there’s the Basic package, which is free and includes many different templates to choose from. This plan is best if you’re just trying it out – you can see if you enjoy it without having to spend money! It also works best if you’re not planning on uploading crazy amounts of video content.

They also offer Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium packages, costing $7, $20, $50, and $75 a month, respectively. These packages are fantastic if you decide that Vimeo Create is a great option for your business, and they each come with upgrades of their own. You really can’t go wrong here.

Is this platform worth using in your marketing efforts?

Although it’s still new, this is looking like a great platform for businesses who want to implement more videos into their marketing strategies. Since the basic package is free, it’s really a no-brainer for you to at least try it out. It’ll be worth keeping up with as the platform ages and updates to fit the changing times – but for now, it absolutely seems to be worth using in your marketing efforts!

If you’re looking to implement different types of content into your marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure where to start, look no further. Here at Blackwood Creative, we’re in the business of creating remarkable brands. Our team is made up of marketing experts who want to walk alongside you on the journey to make your brand remarkable. Let’s create something wonderful together – reach out to us today. 

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