When you place an order for marketing materials, sometimes you don’t know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes. Here at Blackwood, we partner with our sister company (and next-door neighbor) Zipp Printing to bring you the highest quality business cards and other marketing materials. But how do we do it? Here’s our 4-step design process for giving you the best business cards.

Step 1: The Initial Connection

Our design process begins with the initial connection between us and the client. Whether that connection happens through an email, a phone call, a referral, or an order form, there’s always a connection before the order. Through this, we find out what the customer is looking for product-wise: how many they plan to order, what type of product, and what its purpose will be. For business cards, we typically find out the type of business they’re for and the main message they’d like to convey.

Step 2: Get The Deets

Once we know what the client is here for, it’s time to find out the nitty-gritty. This is where the client has the opportunity to speak with a designer about the specifics of the product design. The logo, colors, and overall design for the front and back are big topics of discussion here. Our goal is to figure out exactly what the client is looking for; that way, we can make sure to meet every need. Additionally, this is the step where we figure out the time frame. We find out when the client needs the products to be ready, and this way, we can plan accordingly.

Step 3: Make It Happen

When we’ve received all of the information from the client, it’s time for us to make it happen. Typically, our designer will create three or four different business card designs for the client to choose from. By providing a variety of options, we can make sure the client is getting exactly what they want in the product. It’s super important that the design of the product accurately represents the business, so the variety of designs ensures that the client is happy with the outcome. This is one of the key steps to our design process – our mission is to make sure that our clients love the products we design.

Step 4: The Thumbs Up

Client approval is the final step in our design process. After the designs have been presented to the client, we hope to get the final approval to send the products to print. As soon as we get the thumbs up, those business cards get sent over to Zipp Printing to be printed and packaged. Once the materials have been printed, they get delivered to the customer to be used to promote their brand.

We focused on business cards here, but we go through essentially the same process for anything we help you design. Happy customers are what make working here worth it for us. Ready to go through our design process with us? Contact us here at Blackwood Creative – whatever you need designed, we’re here to help.

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