While internships are probably the most common for college students, they can be helpful to people of almost any age. Internships are mutually beneficial – there’s a lot in it both for the company and for the intern. So, why should you consider hiring or being an intern?

Benefits For The Intern:

1. Experience.

The hands-on experience you get as an intern is truly irreplaceable. While you can read a lot about different careers online or in books, being present in the workplace allows you to learn on the fly and get accustomed to the way certain businesses operate. Internships also look great on resumes, and they can be very helpful when applying for companies who require a certain amount of experience to qualify for a position.

2. Decision-making.

You don’t have to commit to a career by being an intern; they’re a temporary option to decide whether or not this is the correct career path for you. Additionally, becoming an intern allows you to explore many different interests. It truly could make the difference between a hobby and a career, and you’d never know if you hadn’t gotten that internship!

3. Networking.

As an intern, you are getting to meet and work alongside professionals in your area of interest, and as a result, they’re getting to know you. This makes it very important to make a good impression on your coworkers, because they could be employing you in the future. Internships are great networking opportunities as well; you’re getting your name out into that industry without having the pressure of finding a full time job. 

Benefits For The Company:

1. Low commitment.

When bringing on an intern, you aren’t fully committing to having them be a permanent part of your team. Whether paid or unpaid, your intern will be an asset to you for as long as their internship lasts. If you’re looking to create a new position in your company, an intern would be a wonderful way to test out whether or not that position would end up being a benefit to your workplace; if it doesn’t end up working out, you won’t lose a lot of money, and you also gain new knowledge to move forward with.

2. Extra hands on deck.

The cliche is absolutely true: the more, the merrier! Ultimately, interns are there to help you. They can greatly improve the efficiency of your company, and they’ll be willing to learn as much about your business as they can. Because of this, they’ll be more apt to help out in multiple areas of the company – you can move them to where you need them most that day.

3. Learn more about your company.

Bringing in a new intern can show you a lot about the way your employees react to a change in workflow. You’ll be able to spot where you have room for improvement and resolve needs within the company that were previously hidden. It’s also true that you learn a lot about your own craft by teaching it to someone else. In all of these ways, you will be able to improve the efficiency and overall atmosphere of your workplace.

Let this be the push you’ve been waiting for to either become an intern or bring one on for the upcoming season! Overall, it’s a win-win for your company and the intern.

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