This episode of The Big Brand Theory includes our host, Kyle Johnson. He is taking the time to talk about the importance of taking a break. Keep reading to discover WHY you should actually rest your body!

How often do you take the time to relax and enjoy yourself? If you’re constantly pushing yourself with work and other responsibilities, how will you ever get the time for self-care? Taking care of your mental health is a top priority. Studies show that taking breaks can help relieve stress and improve performance. If you can take a break and do something for yourself, you’ll feel refreshed, at ease, and ready to get back to work when it’s time for you to do so. Even if it’s hard because you’re constantly feeling the need to stay busy and active, the rest you take will keep your mental health in the best condition.

Clear Your Head

If you take breaks, you can clear your head. Do you often have hundreds of thoughts flowing through your mind throughout the day? It might feel overwhelming to constantly think about what you’re doing, what needs to get done, and what steps you’ll take that day to knock off as much as you can from your to-do list. However, if you decide to let loose and relax for a bit, you can clear your head and stop stressing so much.

Let go of your need to want to resolve every issue. If you’re not taking time to clear your head, it will only cause more stress and frustration for you. In addition, it can cause you to feel sick because you’re taking care of your mental health.

When your mental health declines, so does your physical health, ultimately leading to a world of problems for you.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

Stop pushing yourself too much. It’s essential to learn how to say no to people when you’re already overwhelmed with the different things you need to handle each day. It’s OK to have the drive and motivation to push through and get things done but stop overworking yourself to the point that you feel like you can sit down and eat a meal without worrying about what you need to do next. It’s no way to live your life.

When you notice that you’re beginning to push yourself a bit harder than you’d like, try to take a few steps back and approach the situation a bit differently.

Get what you need to get done, but then take that extra time for yourself. Even if it’s as little as 60 minutes that you’re spending doing something relaxing, such as meditating, it can work wonders for your mind and body.

Find Hobbies and Interests to Do on the Side

Focus on finding new hobbies and interests that you can do on the side. When you’re consumed with your work life, you’re not developing a personal life because you’re always working. So step outside of the work zone and search for activities that make you happy, relieve your stress, and leave you feeling more positive at the end of the day.


Some people feel at ease when they’re on hiking adventures. If you want to clear your mind, get fresh air, and enjoy exercise, hiking is a relaxing and therapeutic way to do it. You can explore new places and relieve unwanted stress in your life when you’re going on these types of adventures alone or with loved ones. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys hiking, spend that quality time with them.


The art of meditation is influential. It can put your mind at ease, reduce your stress, and give you a sense of calmness that makes you feel good. If you’re new to meditation, don’t overthink it as you may do with other things. Find a quiet room, sit down, and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a peaceful place, such as the beach. Take deep, slow breaths in and out while focusing on relaxing things. Don’t let anything stressful enter your mind when you’re trying to meditate.


Many people find joy in exercising. If jogging in the morning or after dinner makes you feel good, do it. If joining the gym and working out on the machines makes you feel good, do that instead. It’s all about finding something enjoyable that you can use to relieve stress and take those much-needed breaks.

Take Breaks to Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health breaks are more important than most people realize. When you do something relaxing to destress, you’re putting your mind at ease and putting yourself in a better position to feel rejuvenated later.

If you’re doing too much and feel overwhelmed, take a break from your typical day-to-day activities.

While taking a break, do something relaxing that puts you in a positive mood, such as listening to some of your favorite songs, meditating, exercising, or even napping! It’s all about doing what works best for you. Expect to experience incredible feelings of relief when you’re taking time out of the day for yourself.

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