As many people are still trying to adjust to working from home, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of productivity as you may have in the office. Staying focused and keeping track of your tasks may seem more difficult nowadays; however, despite the new environment and new distractions, there are several apps meant to help you stay on track with work. Here are 5 timekeeping apps designed to help you increase your productivity!

1. Asana

One of the classic team-wide scheduling software programs is Asana. It allows you to track not only your own progress, but also see how the rest of your team is doing on their scheduled tasks. You can schedule tasks for yourself or your team members, and everyone can feel satisfied with each task checked off! Additionally, you can create different projects to list tasks under. That way, you’re staying organized and on task.

Asana offers a free basic program, with Premium priced at $10.99 and Business at $24.99 per user, per month. Check it out for your business today!

2. Trello

Next up on the list for task management apps is Trello. This is a highly visual, highly effective app to keep your entire life organized! Based off of Kanban principles, Trello makes keeping your tasks in order way less stressful, and maybe even a little bit fun! Your tasks can be organized into different columns, which could represent different categories or different stages of a project. Whichever way you choose to use it, you can look forward to increased productivity with Trello! 

For their basic features and functions, Trello is completely free to use! If you’d like to upgrade to their premium features, prices will start at $9.99 per month.

3. ToDoist

ToDoist is an incredible app designed to create to-do lists and keep them organized. It combines these to-do lists with a calendar to keep you entirely on track – their intelligent software not only keeps your tasks organized, but files them away based on the category they fall into. For example, if you type “dinner with Mom at 5pm,” you’ll get a reminder from your calendar when it’s time to eat, as well as a notification in that category! 

Over 10 million people have already utilized ToDoist to keep them organized and increase productivity! For the basic features and functions, this is a completely free service. However, for $36/year, you have access to their premium functions. Additionally, to make ToDoist a staple for your business, you can get the business functionality for the whole team for $60/user yearly. 

4. Woven

Created by a group of ex-Facebook employees, Woven is here to provide you with the smartest calendar to date. By taking travel time into account when scheduling meetings or meals, letting you know if you’re already busy when you’re scheduling something, creating polls with other event invitees to determine a time, and more features you may not know you needed in a calendar, Woven is ready to tailor your schedule directly to you. 

Best of all, Woven is completely free to use. Download it today, and get to scheduling!

5. Freedom

Have you ever been in the middle of a project, but you can’t stop getting notifications from social media and other apps? Let us introduce you to Freedom. Freedom may not be a task management app, but it’ll absolutely help increase your productivity. This app is designed to block those distracting apps and websites from sending you notifications. Freedom won’t just come in handy for work, either; if you’re trying to be more intentionally unplugged, you can choose to block the entire internet!

This app allows a free trial of 7 block sessions before billing starts. You can choose to pay $2.42/month billed annually, or get unlimited lifetime access for $129. 

Even with all of life’s distractions, you can rest assured that these apps are here to keep you moving in the right direction! If you have any other apps that help you increase your productivity, be sure to let us know. 

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