In the digital age, many people can often forget the importance of both digital marketing and traditional marketing. While digital marketing still dominates, traditional marketing techniques can be used to compliment digital techniques and still have big ROI. Your company should consider investing in all marketing techniques that grow your business and to follow your audience, wherever they may be. 

| Direct Mail |

People hate receiving too much mail. People also love exclusive deals and being in the know. There is a particular balance in direct mail marketing that is really important to note. When approaching direct mail, it is really important to go in knowing you have to ask the right questions and listen to your consumers. You should be asking questions like where are my customers? What are they doing? What is our value proposition? How often are they actually using the coupons/offers we send out? How many people are trying to get on a “do not mail” list? While your consumers might not be speaking to you directly, their actions speak loudly. Be observant to hear what they’re saying and adapt your practices to match what you’re learning. 

Using mail to market Mishawaka

It is also very important to remember that there is a fine line between sending informational, quality, and call-to-action mail rather than junky mail that people automatically throw away. Aim to catch the consumer’s eye and follow that up with an offer they can’t refuse. Who you’re sending your offers to matters just as much as what you’re offering. Don’t waste your time on audiences that won’t have a high ROI. There are other ways to reach those people in more cost-effective ways.

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| Email Marketing |

Email marketing is very similar to direct mail. Just the right amount can be very beneficial to your consumers but too many emails can push a lot of people away. Give enough information to be beneficial to your user without harassing them. Include updates, new offers, and anything that is relevant to the service you are providing to them. By being consistently useful to your consumer, they are more likely to open your emails because they trust you to provide useful, meaningful content.

For those who aren’t religiously opening your emails, use catchy subject lines that catch their eye but aren’t too gimmicky. People hate seeing things they think are spam and won’t even give the email the open. Short and sweet is best for subject lines. Give just enough so that the consumer will want to open it and offer just enough to get that same person on your site. Sometimes, just getting them on your site is better than making a an actual sale (sales are great too, don’t get us wrong. But getting the person on your site is half the battle). Be sure to have interactive buttons so you can measure where the clicks are going and what parts of the email is working. 


Print is a category that encapsulates so many great marketing tools that you can either do really right or really wrong. For example, if you’re handing out hundreds of flyers on the sidewalk that end up on the side of the street and in lots of trashcans by the end of the day, you might want to reconsider your tactic. Don’t waste money on something that doesn’t get looked at and that ends up becoming a nuisance for people when they get stuck on the bottom of their shoes. 

In a different way, if you’re in real estate, signs, business cards, and billboards could be make or break for becoming top of mind for searching homeowners. Having your logo and face printed everywhere possible could be a great tactic to get your brand out there and to generate new client leads. There are so many ways to use print marketing in your business’s favor. The key is identifying your audience, identifying where they’re at, and then moving your print media to that space. 


Print marketing through signs and banners

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