Pillar content refers to the type of content you’re posting on a routine basis. It’s an integral part of your marketing strategy because it allows you to connect with more people. When consumers know that you post specific content at certain times on different days of the week, they start to look forward to it and expect to see it. If you’re not posting pillar content, you’re missing out on a chance to build genuine connections with consumers who may choose to do business with you.

1. Choose to Post on the Same Day

Pick a day of the week that works best for you and use that day to post content. For example, you may want to include images with a blog post that your followers can read through before checking out the photos you’ve posted. No matter what you’re posting, make sure it’s on the same day of the week each week that you post.

For example, you may want to publish your content on Monday and Friday. You can post multiple times per week but should try to stick with the same schedule. If you’re sticking to the same plan of posting content throughout the week, you can expect to increase engagement. 

As it becomes a habit for your business, people will begin to check your social media pages for the content they’ve grown accustomed to finding on specific days of the week. It’s a good thing because it can lead to more shares, comments, and engagement all around. When you’re posting the content, the idea behind it is to get people engaged in what you’re posting. With pillar content, it’s easy to get more attention and keep the conversations flowing on your social media pages.

2. Put Your Content Out at the Same Time Each Week

Aside from posting your comment on the same days of the week with each week that passes, be sure to put the content out at the exact times. For example, you may notice that you’re getting the most engagement when posting in the afternoon on a specific day. Stick with that schedule. If it’s working, you don’t need to make changes. However, if a time and day aren’t working out, it’s the best time for you to think of any adjustments you might need to make.

3. Do Research to Determine When to Post

When it comes to pillar content, it’s best to do some research in advance. Before you set a specific schedule that will work for your business, you need to know when it’s the best time to post your content. You may notice that you get more feedback and interaction from others when posting at different times on different sites.

For example, people are more likely to check Instagram at certain times of the day compared to the Facebook app. The additional research you’re doing will help you decide when to start posting your pillar content. Once you’ve made decisions based on the extensive research performed, you can begin posting and sticking to that schedule.

Another good thing about pillar content is that you can schedule it to go out, even if you already have the content ready and available for people to view. If you don’t want to get stuck at the computer at the same time of the week on specific days of the week, you can begin scheduling posts to go out at those ideal times. It’s convenient because it saves you a lot of extra time and keeps you from trying to remember when to post.

4. Use Pillar Content to Expand Your Reach

Pillar content is a valuable tool to use when running a business. The idea behind it is that you can grow a loyal fan base consisting of people who look forward to seeing your content. These are the people who want to know what you’re posting, whether it’s videos, reels, blog posts, or even photos for your business. As they continue to engage with your content, they’ll become more likely to share it with others, which means your business can reach new people who didn’t know about it before.

When posting pillar content, always make sure the content makes sense. Tell a story, paint a picture, and post high-quality graphics that will draw in positive attention. Always take pride in the content you’re producing, and don’t rush to get something published. Most importantly, once you know what types of content you’d like to post, it’s best to get into a posting routine. Set a schedule to have those posts going out on the same day and the same time each week to get the most views and interactions possible. These extra steps are worth it because of what pillar content can do to help you expand your business even further than you ever expected.

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