When it comes to social media marketing, “engagement” is one of the main buzzwords you tend to hear come up in conversation. However, though it gets thrown around a lot, this word is vital to your success on social media. What is engagement, why is it important, and what should it look like for your business’s social media presence?

What is engagement?

Simply put, engagement refers to the number of people interacting with your posts online. This includes the public number of likes, comments, and shares. When people talk about the engagement rate or percentage, that essentially refers to the amount of the audience that consistently interacts with your posts. This is super important in figuring out what does and doesn’t work on your social media!

Why is it a vital part of your business’s online success?

While your engagement rate doesn’t directly correlate with the amount of business or income you can be making, it can be a good indicator of the level of interest people have in your brand. Generating this interest is key to your success. It can help you build your client base, reach new groups of people, impact people’s lives, and ultimately gain more business for you. When people engage with your posts, they’re likely to spread the word – free promotion for you! By getting your name out there, people will remember your business and hopefully reach out when they need your services. 

What is the ideal percentage of audience engagement you should be seeing on your accounts?

According to several different sources, your engagement percentage on your social media accounts should be between 1%-3%. Now, that may not seem like a very big number, but that is around the average for some of the world’s biggest and best influencers and brands. But how do you know if your account’s engagement is where it needs to be?

This is a big of a complicated equation, but bear with us. Look at the posts from the last 30 days, and add up the total number of likes and comments on those posts. Then, divide that number by how many posts went up during those 30 days. (In other words, divide the number of likes and comments by the number of posts you totaled those up from.) After that, divide the number you’ve got by the number of followers your account has. We’re almost at the finish line! Take this final number and multiply it by 100, and there is your engagement percentage. Is it where you want it to be?

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3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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