How valuable is a solid logo for you company, really?

Take a trip around the world and you’ll know exactly where the McDonald’s is no matter what the native language. Walk through a sporting goods store and you’ll know immediately which shoes belong to Nike and which belong to Adidas. Starbucks took their name off their logo because who needs it when everyone recognizes it instantly anyway?

The Importance of a Solid Logo

If that’s not enough to convince you that a quality logo is an essential part of any successful business, here’s some more reasons:

1. Creates a First Impression

Your logo is your potential customer’s first impression of your business. If your company is in a sea of similar companies, your logo will be key to standing out. It could mean the difference between landing loyal customers and losing them before you have a chance to prove your worth. A solid logo shows the world that you have something quality to offer.

2. Reflects Who You Are

The right logo is going to reflect your business. You’re not just picking your favorite colors and a pretty design, you’re branding your entire company. Its design will be one-of-a-kind, even while your business is one of a thousand others. A logo gives your company a face that won’t soon be forgotten.

3. Makes You Memorable

People are naturally drawn to quality design and well-used color. Your logo will inspire them to want to know more about you. It’ll cause a consumer to feel connected to you. They’ll be drawn to your brand in the future even if they’re inundated with other options.

4. Inspires Loyalty

The last time your favorite brand redesigned its logo, how did it make you feel? It’s true, most of us feel that sting of betrayal. A logo, backed by a company as valuable as its logo, can actually elicit emotional responses. Let your logo be a part of inspiring a loyalty that deep.

The Value of a Solid Logo

If you’ve already been on the hunt for the perfect logo, you may have experienced some sticker shock. Or maybe a little sticker confusion. How is it possible that your buddy just got a pretty snazzy logo for $75 but you just got quoted for $800?

Pricing for logos vary wildly from a measly $5 to literally millions. The reason for this is really quite obvious. If your logo is going to accomplish all those impressive things above, it’s going to cost a little money.

Different price points also represent what you’re getting. The low-end will give you the logo, nothing else. The more you’re able to invest, the more you’ll be taking home, such as:

  • Logo variations
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand name and tagline

The best kind of logo designer is going to work through several phases, starting with extensive research and finally ending up with a logo that perfectly represents your company. There won’t be any stock photos involved. There won’t be any other logo like it. You’ll end up with a solid logo that holds the potential for limitless value.

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