Here on the Blackwood blog, we emphasize the importance of having a presence “across multiple social media platforms.” Let’s get real: these days, there are a TON of social networking sites out there. They’re in places you don’t even think of – even games like Uno have communication abilities built into the app! So, you don’t have to be on EVERY social media site. However, depending on your industry, there are some social media sites you must be on. Let’s break it down.

(Please note: the five industries listed below were pulled from this list of the biggest industries in the United States. While we tried to cover as much as we could, we obviously cannot fit every industry into a blog post…otherwise, you’d be reading forever! However, if you work in an industry not listed below, we encourage you to do some research into what others in your industry are using. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are definitely a great place to start for any industry!)

1. Real Estate

There are several different approaches you can take with real estate. One social media site that every real estate professional should be on is LinkedIn. Not only is it a networking app designed to connect people, but it allows great potential for your posts to gain organic reach. Additionally, Facebook and Instagram are amazing tools that allow you to share photos of property listings or sold homes. Those are also great platforms to advertise on because of their built-in advertising programs.

In some cases, apps like TikTok can be great to expand awareness of your property listings. Although the main age demographic on TikTok is fairly young (under 30, for the most part) there is still a lot of potential to grow social media accounts and brand awareness.

2. Finance and Insurance

LinkedIn is absolutely the number one social media site we would recommend for any business professional. It’s a great way to make connections and expand your network. You can meet people in your local area that could become business partners or lifelong friends! Additionally, Facebook is a great way to grow your network. Not only can you request to be friends with people, but you can create a professional page for your business. This page can gain organic reach as well as be promoted and advertised for. It’s a great way to reach a lot of people at once!

Instagram may be useful as well, but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, it’s nice to have an account just for fun to post photos of the building or of meetings. However, it may not be the most effective way to grow your audience.

3. Health and Social Care

When it comes to health and social care services, it can really depend on the specific type of care you offer. Some types of businesses may gain clients through outreach on Facebook and Instagram, specifically through targeted advertisements. A great example of this would be a therapist or psychiatric center. 

However, sometimes health and social care businesses tend to gravitate toward posting on social media just because rather than actively using it as part of a strategy. However, there is still value in posting! Potential patients are literally everywhere, and you may catch someone at just the right time.

4. Retail and Ecommerce

Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Non-negotiable. Facebook and Instagram are amazing platforms to use for sharing and promoting products. Targeted ads will almost absolutely guarantee you new customers, and you’ll see a great ROI. 

As far as Pinterest goes, though it often gets overlooked in the social media world, it’s a dream for product photographers. People love going on Pinterest to put together inspirational boards for their upcoming home projects or their dream wardrobe. If your products are on Pinterest, chances are, those people will take the step to buy your product when they see it come up in search results. It’s a great market to tap into!

5. Arts and Entertainment

Facebook and Instagram are wonderful places to have a presence for the arts and entertainment industry. So many people spend loads of time watching videos on their phones, and those videos wouldn’t be there without entertainers! 

TikTok is also a fabulous place for artists and entertainers. Videos of people singing do really well on that social media site, as well as visual artists creating their work with soft music in the background. There’s loads of stuff you can play around with to show off your work!

If your current digital marketing strategy just isn’t quite cutting it anymore, you’ve come to the right place. Reach out to our team here at Blackwood Creative. We’re in the business of building remarkable brands – and yours could be next. Contact us today! 

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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