You’re wanting to draw in more potential clients through your social media, but looking at your Facebook page, you realize it’s a little…blah. Your photos are outdated, and you’re looking for a way to revamp. But moving forward, should you stick with a cover photo or utilize the recently released cover video feature?

Both are great assets for your business in different ways. Not sure which is best for you? Let us help you out. 

What are the benefits to filming and uploading a cover video?

First things first, a cover video will grab the attention of the people visiting your page. It will set you apart because it’s something different, and people will be more likely to watch your video because you’ve piqued their interest. Additionally, when you film a cover video, you’ll probably be spending some extra time and money to make it happen. In the end, though, you’ll not only have a killer cover video, but you’ll also have an ad to promote your business on many different platforms. 

How can you make the most out of your cover video?

You’ll always hear us say that quality is key, and cover videos are no exception to that rule. You probably should avoid filming your cover video on a cellphone and compromising that quality. By putting in the effort to have a high quality cover video, more potential clients will stick around and actually watch it. With a 20-120 second time frame, you have limited time to convince your potential clients to choose your business. Use that time wisely! 

As for video content, you can definitely take artistic liberties in deciding what to showcase. Many people love to see behind-the-scenes content from businesses – it feels very personal and displays the culture of your business. No matter what you include in your video, make sure you’re appealing to your audience; allowing your potential clients to get to know you through your video will encourage them to reach out to you. 

What are the benefits to sticking with a cover photo?

If a cover photo is how you would prefer to advertise your business, that is also a wonderful representation of your brand. One of the biggest benefits to a cover photo is that photos are easy to look at quickly. For someone just scrolling on Facebook, they are more likely to be interested in a cover photo rather than taking time to watch a full video.

Additionally, if you choose to use a non-solid background for your cover photo, this can also grab potential clients’ attention. If you’re a photographer, you could easily use this space to showcase your work; if you own a transport company, a beautiful landscape shot will attract people who are interested in traveling. Whatever your cover photo contains, make sure it’s eye-catching – just remember, simplicity is best.

How can you make the most out of your cover photo?

Simplistic designs are the way to go when putting together your cover photo. It’s tempting to put all of your business’s information in your cover photo, but that can cause your page to look cluttered. Instead, your logo and business name along with a few other words is definitely sufficient. When it comes to cover photos, a lot of the same advice applies from cover videos and content photos. Maintaining high quality across all of your photo and video content ensures that your business is represented professionally; this will assure your clients that they can expect that same professionalism through your business relationship.

Still haven’t figured out exactly what to do with your Facebook cover? Reach out to us here at Blackwood. We’re more than happy to work with you to revamp your social media.

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