If you’re a designer, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with Adobe Illustrator – and for good reason. The Adobe Cloud is one of the best packages for designers of any kind. The programs within the Cloud are beneficial in many ways, and each serves a specific purpose. 

You may not be familiar with Adobe Illustrator, but if you do any kind of graphic design or marketing work, you should be. Let us show you why.  

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a software within the Adobe Cloud which allows users to create vector graphics. If you aren’t completely up to speed on vectors and why they’re important, check out our post here. In short, a vector is an image created without pixels. You can change the size of a vector without distorting the image. This makes vectors ideal for many print and marketing designs. Illustrator was programmed for designers to create illustrations for many different brand materials both online and offline.

What can you use Illustrator for?

As we’ve mentioned, Illustrator is perfect for creating vector images. That means that designers for print and other forms of marketing benefit greatly from Illustrator because their designs will look exactly the way they were originally created regardless of the size. It’s a very simple software for the basics of design, but there’s also a lot of skills to be learned from the program for more complicated projects.

Illustrator is one of the three most popular image editing and setting software programs in the Adobe Cloud. Many designers, including our own Jony Chagas, swear by Illustrator as their primary software. It’s the ideal program for creating logos, brochures, business cards, and many more marketing materials. 

How does it differ from other Adobe software?

When it comes to the Adobe Cloud, all of the different programs are able to complete many of the same functions. Each program is best for a different purpose; they’re mostly beneficial for their intended use. For example, you can edit a photo in Illustrator rather than using Photoshop. Unfortunately, it won’t look as good. If you vectorize the image (ie. if you have a photo you’d like to resize and use for marketing), Illustrator will make it look very unnatural and cartoonish. In the same way, you could theoretically design a logo in Photoshop. Photoshop is not programmed to design in vector format, so the image is going to be pixelated. 

Illustrator differs from the other Adobe Cloud programs in that it is perfect for designing logos and other types of illustrations for web and print. If your goal is to create an icon for your business, this is definitely the software to use.

Not quite sure where to start when designing the branding for your business? Blackwood is here to help. Contact us today – let’s work together and design something beautiful. 

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