The holiday season may be approaching faster than any of us are ready for, but today, we’re not talking about evergreen trees. You may have heard the term “evergreen content” before; it’s something that many content writers and content creators strive for constantly, and it’s an incredibly effective way to provide valuable content for years to come. Being evergreen isn’t just for trees, people! Let’s break it down.

What counts as evergreen content, & why is it called that?

Evergreen content is content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers. So, as evergreen trees (usually of the pine or fir varieties) keep their leaves throughout the seasons, evergreen content keeps its relevance throughout the seasons. 

When you’re trying to brainstorm content ideas, start by doing keyword research within your industry. If you can find a long-tail keyword that is very specific to your industry (and that people are searching for), you’ll see more traffic in no time. 

Can every piece of content be evergreen?

Some types of content are more suitable to be evergreen more than other formats. Instructional blogs, like how to put together a press release, have more longevity than a less valuable blog. Types of content that are evergreen include:

3 Best Practices for Evergreen Content

1. Use accessible, easy-to-understand language.

What’s the point of having great information if nobody can understand what you’re trying to tell them? One of the worst things you can possibly do to your potential customers is make them feel stupid. Even if you provide a very niche service, make sure you’re using terms that most people can comprehend. Plus, if nobody knows what you’re talking about, nobody is going to come to your business!

2. Optimize specifically & completely for SEO.

Be sure to do keyword research in your specific industry to find what people are searching for. Answering people’s questions is a great way to draw them into your site. When something goes wrong, what’s the first thing you do? Google it! You can reach people who are Googling services you provide – you just have to think like a customer.

3. Repurpose content whenever possible.

We’re big believers in repurposing and revitalizing content. When you create something awesome and put tons of time and effort into it, why wouldn’t you want to share it more than once? For content that is evergreen, it is especially important to keep resharing and redirecting traffic to that kind of content. It’s a great way to not only stay consistent with your messaging, but show your customers what you’re really about.

If your current marketing strategy just isn’t cutting it, you’ve come to the right place. Reach out to our team of experts here at Blackwood Creative. We’re in the business of building remarkable brands, and yours could be next. Contact us today!

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