Everyone predicted it. Everyone thought it. And everyone is wrong:

Print is not dead and it’s not dying anytime soon.

Technology is growing at an incredible speed. There is no denying that. But you can’t just eliminate something as big as print from your company’s marketing strategy. Murder print and you lose out on personal touch and the convenience that print provides. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the new business card smell?

Print is Personal

In theory, yes, you can put all the information you would have on a business card, brochure, or rack card up on your website and call it good.

However, unless you actively and intentionally give out your website link to potential customers, or even direct them to specific pages on your website, they’re left to find this information on their own. When was the last time you remembered the name of a random company, let alone took the time to search for its website? A website on its own is a passive way to reach out. It’s also easily forgettable.

On the other hand (quite literally), handing out business cards, brochures, or rack cards is active and more meaningful. By giving someone your business card, for example, you are creating a personal connection. This can be what swings the customer in your direction rather than that of your competition.

Print is Convenient

The average attention span these days is extremely short. We all run on convenience. Unless your website or online store is super quick and easy to use, there’s a good chance you’ll lose business.

A business card, on the other hand, could have the perfect amount of information right at hand (again, quite literally). Who you are, what you do, and contact information is all immediately accessible.

A brochure usually promotes a specific aspect of your business. Instead of having to search your whole website to find the information, your customer holds everything about that particular service in their hand.

Print is NOT Dead

Print is alive and well with a long life ahead of it. If you aren’t putting it to use, you could miss out on the personal connection with customers that allows a company to thrive. You could also lose potential customers because of inconvenience. Celebrate the continued life of print by contacting Zipp Printing and resurrecting print in your marketing strategy.

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