If you advertise your business on social media, chances are you have a Facebook page. Even if it’s just a page for yourself and your own services, a Facebook page can be an incredible outreach tool when you’re looking to gain clients.

However, if you have more than one page of your own (or you deal with several other people’s pages), it can be a hassle to try to keep up with every one individually. Lucky for you, there’s Facebook Creator Studio. But what is it, and why do you need it?

What is Facebook Creator Studio?

On the website, Facebook says that “Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and measure content across all your Facebook Pages.” Essentially, this program makes it easy to keep tabs on your Facebook pages, no matter how many you manage. You have access to post insights, collections of pages you manage, and general information regarding your pages; Creator Studio puts them all in one place and makes it easier to keep track of everything you’re managing. 

What can you do with this program?

In addition to the aforementioned insights and collections, Facebook Creator Studio allows you to schedule, save, or backdate posts on your pages. We’ve mentioned the importance and benefit of having a content calendar before; Creator Studio can help you immensely with keeping track of when you’re posting things on your accounts. 

Creator Studio has so many different features designed for different needs. Whether you’re posting photos, text posts, or video content, you’re able to add and modify them to fit you and your business’s specific needs. Plus, with such a streamlined program, you’ll be able to figure it out in no time!

What else is compatible with Facebook Creator Studio?

Because Facebook also owns the social media platform Instagram, you’re able to use Facebook Creator Studio to manage your content on your Instagram pages. As with Facebook posts, you’re able to search through posts, stories, and IGTV content. Additionally, you can view insights and post performance. This is a great tool to help decide what types of content to post; it’ll also help you stay consistent with a posting schedule and continuity throughout your posts.

Facebook Creator Studio is an incredible asset both to business owners and social media fanatics. If you aren’t using it, you definitely should be! However, if you struggle with social media or would rather leave it to the pros, you’re in the right place. Contact us here at Blackwood Creative – let’s work together and create something beautiful.

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

3 Keys to Mastering Social Media for your Business

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