Marketing, like many other industries, has a lot of terms that come along with the work. In fact, it can often seem like marketers are speaking a completely different language when they’re talking about strategies or techniques. However, these terms are not as foreign as they may sound. Here are 10 marketing terms you should know and add to your dictionary!

1. Analytics

Analytics are the data measurements related to your accounts and their activity. In other words, analytics include the demographics, active times, engagement highs and lows, and average likes per post, to name a few. We have a whole post on the importance of analytics; these measurements can be very helpful in your social media marketing endeavors. 

2. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a term that refers to the number of people who come to your website but navigate away without clicking on anything or going to any other page of your website. The goal is to have a low bounce rate; you’d rather have people spend more time on your website learning about you and your business. This is one of those marketing terms that you’ll want to keep in check to make sure your website is as enticing as it needs to be.

3. Clickthrough Rate

In contrast to the bounce rate, the clickthrough rate is the amount of people who do stay on your page and click through other parts of your website. When your bounce rate is high, your clickthrough rate will be low, and vice versa. Keep your clickthrough rate high with plenty of eye-catching features on your website or use a layout which the eyes will naturally follow

4. Conversion Rate

The conversion rate refers to the number of people who actually take the desired action from your website or post. For example, if you’re advertising your newsletter, the conversion rate will reflect the number of people who saw your announcement and consequently subscribed to the newsletter. This is another one of those marketing terms to keep an eye on, and a rate that you want to keep high!

5. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business does more to bring clients in rather than going out with the intention of getting clients. This is among the marketing terms that deals with online content creation; most of the time, inbound marketing manifests through ads or links which are meant to drive traffic to a business’s website. It’s a very effective way to gain clients when done right.

6. Landing Page

The landing page is the front page of your website. It’s what your audience immediately sees upon visiting your website, so it’s important to make it represent your business well.

7. Mobile Optimization

This one’s pretty simple: mobile optimization refers to creating your website in a way that it looks just as good when it’s pulled up on a smartphone as it does from a laptop or desktop computer. 

8. Qualified Lead

A qualified lead refers to a person or business that has opted in to receiving marketing materials from you or your business. For example, if you were looking for people to subscribe to your email list, a qualified lead would be the people who did subscribe.

9. Smarketing

Smarketing is one of those fun marketing terms that you just want to say all the time. It’s a mashup of “sales” and “marketing,” and it refers to the process through which leads get converted into sales. Essentially, when the marketing team sees a potential client respond to a lead ad, they pass that person off to the sales team. If this happens 100% of the time, you have a perfect team, and congratulations are in order. But in all serious, smarketing just highlights a very important partnership in any business!

10. Viral Content

Viral content is one of those marketing terms which has become mainstream. It basically refers to a video or photo which has been spread far and wide across the internet, often becoming recognizable or turned into a meme. 

Now that you’re familiar with these 10 terms, hopefully you’ll feel more confident in your conversations with marketers or other businesspeople. Still not feeling like your vocabulary is full enough? Contact us here at Blackwood Creative. We don’t only know the terms, we put them into action.

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