The Adobe Creative Cloud was devised specifically for designers and marketers across all different fields. The big three programs, for us at least, are Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign; but even though we have “versus” in the title, this isn’t a competition. The possibilities are endless when you work with these three programs all together. 

The “big three” basically operate like a business. If Adobe is the company, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign are like the employees. Each employee could theoretically perform the duties of the others. However, they all perform certain tasks better than others. In the same way, Illustrator can perform the functions of Photoshop and InDesign (and the others interchangeably). Each program has a particular strength, though. Therefore, like a business, the three programs work best together. So, how can you benefit from all three?

1. Vector Design Capabilities

One of the most important aspects of a logo or other brand design is that any image is a vector. Vectors are ideal for branding materials because you are able to resize them without any distortion to the image. Adobe Illustrator is designed to create vector images. This is why Illustrator is a valuable addition to your design program collection. Illustrator is capable of many other things as well – to learn more, check out the specifics here

2. Image Editing and Manipulation

Whether you need to fix a blemish on someone’s face or edit out a stain on your shirt from lunch, Photoshop is the perfect choice. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “just Photoshop it out.” From retouching to manipulation, this program is the go-to for fixing any photo. It tends to be one of the first programs that editors learn to use, and with practice, it’s relatively easy to master. Plus, it continues to deliver the industry standard for photo editing. For content photos, advertisements, or even business cards, Photoshop is the premium option for photo editing.

3. Simple and Streamlined Layouts

For any printed product, InDesign is the way to go. It is created specifically to assist with formatting any reading material: brochures, business cards, newspapers, magazines, you name it. The program allows you to input preferences for the layout of your product, and applies them to each page. By allowing a designer to maintain that consistency throughout the project, rest assured that InDesign will help your projects look polished and professional. It’s a time and money saver for both yourself and your clients – it’s a win-win app for sure.

These three applications are an incredible foundation for marketing any business, and their payoff is definitely worth the financial commitment. Still not entirely sure how to utilize all three programs for your next design project? No worries. Contact Blackwood Creative and let us handle it – then sit back, relax, and wait for your beautiful design right off the press.

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