We’ve talked about email marketing. We discussed marketing to the future generation. We’ve even debated whether or not old-school marketing is still relevant in today’s world. But one thing we haven’t yet touched on is newsletters!

Newsletters have evolved from simply being a front-and-back sheet of paper to either an email or a separate web page. However, a lot of businesses have either stopped sending newsletters, or left that territory completely uncharted. Let’s talk about them.

What are newsletters, and what do they contain?

Regardless of whether they’re online or on paper, newsletters often contain information regarding new things being implemented into the company or information relating to the products or services. While they can also contain many other things, one of the main characteristics of the newsletter is its mission. That mission can be giving subscribers advice or providing them with a discounted service. Therefore, it’s a great outreach tactic no matter what you’re talking about.

How can you draw people in?

As with all other forms of marketing, you’ve got to make sure you’re appealing to your target market. Your target market demographics will determine what the most successful form of marketing outreach will be for your business; different age groups are drawn in by different forms of marketing and advertisements.

For example, millennials and younger generations are very active on all social media platforms (namely Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat), whereas older generations are more inclined to be interested in paper or Facebook marketing tactics. Based on these stances, newsletters would most likely be more beneficial to businesses whose target market contains mostly middle-aged people. 

What do the most successful newsletters include?

At the end of the day, the types of information and content you include in your newsletter really depend on what kind of business you own. If your business is new or going through some big changes, a newsletter would be an excellent way to keep your loyal clients up to date on what you’re doing. Additionally, different industries call for different types of relationships and offers which they can have with their customers. Ultimately, though, there are 3 things that really make newsletters successful:

1. A discount offer.

Who doesn’t love saving money? Many e-commerce stores or businesses who are planning a grand opening will send out either a voucher or coupon code within their newsletter to entice their customers. By offering money off, they’re bringing people into their store or onto their website and introducing them to a business they may start using over and over again.

2. An attention-grabbing title and first line.

Titles should strike an interest in your audience. If not, nobody will open or read your newsletter! Make sure not to use clickbait, but keep your titles and headings upbeat and interesting. You’ll be sure to see the results in your analytics. 

3. A sense of what does and doesn’t matter.

It’s easy to get overzealous and tell your clients everything that’s going on in the life of your business. Building that trust is wonderful, but some things are for you to know and your customers to find out. Include the important stuff, and ditch the rest. As your clients get to know you, they’ll find out anyway!

Newsletters can seem outdated at first, but really, they’re a great way to reach your audience. No matter if you start an email newsletter or send one in the mail, it’s worth considering providing your audience with some new reading material!

Not sure how to write newsletters or even begin to market your business, online or offline? Reach out to us here at Blackwood Creative – we’re the experts at content creation and social media marketing. Let’s work together, grow your brand, and create something beautiful together.

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